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Ready to Remodel Your Bathroom? Here’s What You Ought to Know!

Monday, May 25th, 2020

kids-in-bathtubDeciding to remodel your bathroom can be both exciting and stressful. You are excited to have a beautiful, new bathroom, but you might not be sure how to get there. Hiring the right contractor for your home project can make a world of difference in saving you both time and money. We understand that doing it yourself might seem like the cheaper route, but trust us, a major project such as a remodel is best left to the professionals.

We recognize that you want your bathroom to be functional and comfortable, which is why we are here to help make that possible. Below, we have outlined some tips to help make remodeling a breeze! All you need to do is keep reading to find out more, and of course, remember to call us when you need a plumber in Olympia, WA. 

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Bathroom Remodel: Factors to Consider

Monday, February 20th, 2017

bathroom-remodel-factorsHome plumbing projects are high up on the list of home remodeling projects that you shouldn’t attempt on your own—and that’s because you could end up doing more harm that good, however well-intentioned the project may be. However, bathroom remodeling projects are becoming more and more popular, and with good reason.

While your bathroom may not be the first room you consider when you’re thinking of undergoing a home remodel of any kind, it’s easy to understand how you’d want to make this room as functional as possible, for your comfort and the comfort of your family, and perhaps even your guests. When you are ready to undergo an Olympia, WA bathroom remodeling project, we are the team to call. In the meantime, however, we have many factors for you to consider.

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Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Monday, January 11th, 2016

If your bathroom doesn’t look the way you want it to, and getting around in it is difficult, you may want to consider remodeling it. The bathroom is the most used room in the house, and with a remodeling job from a quality contractor, it can feel like a whole new space. It pays to work closely with a qualified plumber during such an operation, and Olympia, WA has services that can help you. Planning and preparation can pay huge dividends with such an operation. Here are a few things to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

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3 Types of Bathroom Sink

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Along with your toilet and shower or bathtub, the bathroom sink is the most important factor to consider during a bathroom remodeling process. It’s one of the cornerstones of the space, and a spot where you’ll be spending more time at than almost anywhere else in your house.  Accordingly, you want your new sink to match the aesthetic deigns of the new bathroom, but also follow some practical considerations. All of the style in the world won’t help you if you need to use the sink day in and day out, and here in Olympia, WA you need to look at the long-term functionality of your sink. Here are 3 basic types of model for you to consider, that can help with that issue.

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3 Things to Consider With Bathroom Remodeling

Monday, July 27th, 2015

If you’re tired of your old bathroom and/or the façade and fixtures just don’t fit what you need, a remodeling project can perform wonders. Not only does it help you enjoy your home more, but it can provide a solution to a number of tricky problems that affect you every day. (Lack of counter space for example, or a stand-alone shower that lacks a bath.) But before you dive into such a project, you need to think it out carefully to ensure that things go according to plan. Here in Olympia, WA, there are qualified plumbers who can help you out. Here are 3 things to consider with bathroom remodeling that you should discuss with them before you begin your project.

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Plumbing Items to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Monday, January 19th, 2015

People choose to remodel a bathroom for many different reasons.

While some homeowners just want a new look and feel to the room, others remodel for practical purposes, making fixtures and storage space more accessible or installing money-saving appliances. Others remodel to take advantage of upgrades that will make their bathtubs or showers seem more relaxing and luxurious. Regardless of your reasons for upgrading, you should remember to work with a trained plumber every time you make major changes to the room.

Bathroom remodeling usually involves some level of plumbing work, and, no matter how small it may seem, it takes a professional to determine the proper placement and sealing of your new fixture and to decide if any pipe reconfigurations must be made. You may decide, for example, to install a new pedestal sink, which involves reposition the pipes so that they are fairly hidden from view. Or, you may choose to switch to a single handle design over a separate hot and cold lever for the sink, another decision which involves some plumbing knowledge for installation.

Low-Flow Toilet Installation

Another plumbing item you might consider is a low-flow toilet. If your toilet is more than a couple decades old, it probably uses more water than it needs to for a single flush. Modern low-flow toilets use only half of the water needed for flushing of older toilets because they rely on a lot of pressure to get the job done instead of high volumes of water. Some toilets also have dual flush options for liquids and solids, and the single flush setting uses even less water per flush. Installing a toilet is a big job, requiring careful sealing and knowledge of valves as well as a bit of strength to pry the old toilet out.

Finally, if you’ve decided on a new bathtub, be sure to have a plumber work with you throughout the process so that you can get the right size and shape for your bathroom remodeling project. A plumber may need to reinforce the floors, reconnect drain pipes, and hook up the new tub to the main water supply, all while checking that the new installation is in compliance with local building codes.

The friendly people at Brooks Plumbing can work with you on your Olympia bathroom remodeling project and help everything to go as smoothly as possible. Give us a call!

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The Many Benefits of a Bathroom Remodeling

Friday, August 8th, 2014

The bathrooms in a home are not the centers of social and family life, but they are central to daily life: the first place you go after your wake up in the morning, the last place you go before heading to bed. Bathrooms are also the spot where you use the most water in your home. A bathroom that is becoming old and outdated can turn into a sore spot in your day and a locations where you waste water and suffer repair problems due to declining plumbing.

Arranging for bathroom remodeling can change all this. Remodeling a bathroom is about more than giving the place a quick face-lift; there are a number of advantages that you may not have thought about. Call Brooks Plumbing today and ask about our bathroom remodeling services (as well as our kitchen remodeling) and we’ll explain what we can do for you to enhance this important room in your home.

Here Are Some Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel

  • Conserve water: For a bathroom remodel, you can choose to have old, wasteful water fixtures replaced with EPA-approved low-flow models. Low-flow faucets and toilets use 30% less water than standard models (and sometimes even less, if you are replacing a very old toilet) without sacrificing performance. Depending on your water use, this can add up to a few hundred dollars in savings from your utility bills each year, and you will help the environment as well.
  • Get rid of poor quality or aging pipes: A remodel is an ideal time to have the old plumbing in your home taken out and replaced with newer material like copper and PEX. If your plumbing has experienced numerous leaks and clogs in the bathroom, it’s probably past time you had the aging plumbing modernized.
  • Increase your home’s value: Any effective remodeling job will increase your home’s resale value because it will be more modern, attractive, and efficient.
  • Brighten the room: Finally, a remodeled bathroom will simply be a more pleasant place. With new a tub and fresh fixtures, a bathroom will change from drab and functional to a cheerful spot. You spend a great deal of time in the room: why not make it brighter and more life-enhancing?

Although some homeowners like to take on home remodeling as a DIY project, you do not want to do this for a bathroom: the plumbing work is simply too important to risk on amateur work that creates leaks. Contact our Olympia, WA bathroom remodeling specialists today, whether you want to get started right away with the project or if you just need more information on how our remodeling works and what it can do for you.

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3 Considerations to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Friday, July 18th, 2014

The bathroom isn’t like the living room, kitchen, dining room, or even bedrooms: it’s a room that functions independently from the social areas of your house. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect it when it comes to remodeling. As the first room to greet you in the morning and the last one to see you before you go to bed, a bathroom that feels tired and drab will likewise make you feel tired and drab.

You can engage the professional plumbers and remodelers at Brooks Plumbing for complete bathroom remodeling in Olympia, WA. However, if you are only looking for a few upgrades at a time, we have a couple ideas for you to consider:

1. Replace your old sink with a stylish new model

There is a dazzling variety of sinks available for an upgrade. If you have a standard drop-in or under-mount sink built into a cabinet, you can completely change the appearance a feel of your bathroom with a different design, such as a wall mount or corner mount sink, pedestal sink, or the popular and eye-catching vessel sink. Each of these sink designs have advantages and disadvantages: some allow for greater space in the bathroom, but lack storage. Balance out the various factors of appearance, storage, and space to find a new sink that will bring the right touch to upgrade the look of your bathroom.

2. Low-flow fixtures

If you are concerned with water conservation and saving money on your bills, consider having a plumber install low-flow fixtures, such as a low-flow toilet, faucets, and/or showerheads in your bathroom. EPA-approved WaterSense low-flow faucets can reduce water flow by 30% or more without a noticeable drop in performance. Because of the enormous amount of water used in a master bathroom, reducing water use here even by a third will result in a large reduction in your water bills. If you save 700 gallons of water a year (the average for a family using EPA-approved faucets), that’s the equivalent of 40 showers. You’ll also save energy, since your water heater will need to run less.

3. Install a new bathtub

Here’s an excellent way to upgrade the appearance of your bathroom and upgrade your comfort and relaxation as well. Since the tub is the largest item inside a bathroom, replacing it with an attractive new model will give the room the sense of a full remodeling. You can also choose from bathtubs equipped with luxury features like water sets and contoured interiors.

Brooks Plumbing handles full bathroom remodeling in Olympia, WA, but we can also assist you with making smaller touches like the ones above to enhance your bathroom a few fixtures at a time. We have an excellent selection of tubs, toilets, and other fixtures to choose from so you can have the look you want to make your bathroom more attractive and functional. Our plumbers and remodelers have the years of experience necessary to make sure you end up with the bathroom upgrades you dreamed of.

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Why You Should Replace Your Plumbing During a Bathroom Remodel

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Remodeling a bathroom involves different stages and tasks, from the more mundane jobs of removing old fixtures and attaching the plumbing connections for the new ones, to the exciting design choices for new floor material and sink and shower types.

There’s one part of a remodeling job that isn’t mandatory, but which we highly recommend you integrate into you Olympia, WA bathroom remodel when you schedule it: full plumbing replacement.

Does this sound like an unnecessary hassle in an already large-scale job? It isn’t as time-consuming or difficult as you imagine, especially with expert plumbers and bathroom remodeling specialists like the team at Brooks Plumbing handling it. And there are some very good reasons to decide to make pipe replacement one of the essential steps.

Reasons pipe replacement is a good idea during a remodel

Keep in mind the age of the plumbing in your home. If you are at the point where you need to have a bathroom remodeled, it’s probably because you have an older house that needs upgrades. For a home older than 1970, the pipe material is likely aged and in need of replacement. Homes built before 1970 often used galvanized steel pipes instead of copper, CPVC, or PEX pipes. Galvanized steel is durable, but also prone to corrosion over time, and you should have it replaced at any opportunity you can. Since a remodel in your bathroom will expose the pipes, it is much easier and less time-consuming to have the replacements done as part of remodeling.

Another reason to replace plumbing is that it frees up the design process for the remodel. If the remodelers have to work around existing pipes, it limits their options for rearranging the bathroom and putting fixtures in different locations. If the remodelers can change out the plumbing entirely, it opens up the process to more extensive re-design concepts.

Working with plumbing remodelers

The bathroom remodeling team at Brooks Plumbing will work with you from the earliest planning stages of your remodel all the way to the finishing touches. You can also call us to talk about the basics of having a bathroom remodel in Olympia, WA to get you started with your project. Whatever you need to create the new bathroom your home needs, you can rely on the professional and experienced staff at Brooks Plumbing. And if you are planning on replacing the plumbing are part of the remodel, keep us in mind, because we have years of work performing whole-house repiping jobs.

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Types of Tubs for Your Bathroom Remodel

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

The most noticeable feature in your bathroom is the bathtub. But how often is a tub worth noticing? Not often. When you decide to have a remodeling done on your bathroom, you should make installing a new tub one of your priorities. No other change will do as much for turning a bathroom into a revitalized space than a modern or retro-stylized tub.

You have a large variety of tub types from which to choose when you have bathroom remodeling in Olympia, WA. They range from tubs with special high-technology features to designs that purposely recall previous centuries. When you work with Brooks Plumbing on your remodel, you’ll have your choice to craft the look and feel you want for your new bathroom.

Here are some of the types of tubs you can select for the remodeling:

  • Recessed tubs: Also known as “alcove” tubs, this fixture contacts the walls on three sides, fitting fully into a niche. These are the most common types of tubs, often seen in modern home construction. They work well as showers and can fit ideally with sliding glass doors. They are affordable and “no frills,” so they will work if you are going for a simple bathroom design.
  • Corner tubs: Similar to recessed tubs, except they attach into a corner with only two sides abutting the walls. Although often smaller than other tubs, they do help save space in a bathroom.
  • Freestanding: This is the “classic” tub style, what people think of when they imagine the bathrooms of yesteryear. But they still work today, especially with the freedom of placement they offer and the simplicity of installation. They also come in a variety of styles that will fit almost any décor. And haven’t you always wanted the elegance of a claw-foot bathtub?
  • Platform: These tubs are dropped into a platform or else sunk straight into the floor, much the way that drop-in sinks work. This makes them perhaps the most versatile of bathtubs when it comes to design, since they will fit in with almost any platform or floor look. However, they require more installation work and planning than other types of bathtubs, and may also cost more.

Your tub selection continues beyond choosing a type. You have variety of materials you can choose to fit your design as well as for function and ease of care. Your professional remodeler can help you navigate the multitude of choices. You will also have options for features such as whirlpool and massage tubs, plus numerous kinds of faucet designs.

Call Brooks Plumbing today to discuss how we can handle your bathroom remodeling in Olympia, WA. Finding the right bathtub to enhance a bathroom is only a part of our comprehensive services for remodeling.

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