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3 Types of Bathroom Sink

Monday, August 24th, 2015 at 11:00 am

Along with your toilet and shower or bathtub, the bathroom sink is the most important factor to consider during a bathroom remodeling process. It’s one of the cornerstones of the space, and a spot where you’ll be spending more time at than almost anywhere else in your house.  Accordingly, you want your new sink to match the aesthetic deigns of the new bathroom, but also follow some practical considerations. All of the style in the world won’t help you if you need to use the sink day in and day out, and here in Olympia, WA you need to look at the long-term functionality of your sink. Here are 3 basic types of model for you to consider, that can help with that issue.

1)    Self-Rimming Sinks

Drop-in sinks rank among the most common out there, in part because they’re easy to install and maintain. The contractor cuts a hole in the countertop big enough to fit the sink, then simply drops it in. The edges of the sink overlap the hole and support it while a bit of caulk around the edges keeps it in place. It makes for a very easy installation and often looks quite good, though the overlap may not be in keeping with your aesthetic design.

2)    Flush-Mounted Sinks

Flush-mounted sinks get around that drop-in problem by being mounted even with the countertop, allowing for a smooth line between the sink and the nearby counter space. It’s usually more expensive to install, but by avoiding the lip it gets around some visual problems.

3)    Undermounted Sinks

These sinks go under the countertop, which avoids splashing across the counter and helps you make the most of your counter space. They tend to be less visually stylistic, but can still look good while making the most of your available counter space.

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