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Leak Detection

Leak Detection Services in Olympia, WA

If a leak develops in your home, it is not always easy to know its source. Leaks can develop in a number of places, and in most cases those leaks will not be very obvious. More often than not it will be a very small symptom, and a plumber will need to find out where the leak originates with special equipment.

For this reason, we offer comprehensive leak detection services designed to locate the root of a leak in your home and ensure it is fixed as effectively as possible. To learn more about leak detection services, including water leak detection in Olympia, WA and the surrounding areas, call Brooks Plumbing. Our certified plumbers will pinpoint the problem within your home and fix it fast, so give us a call today.

Common Sources of Plumbing Leaks

As mentioned above, leaks are not often easy to find. More than likely, there will be a handful of small symptoms pointing towards a small leak somewhere in your home. These symptoms often include things like an increase in your water meter reading, either on a daily basis or between bills. You may also notice small, barely perceptible damp spots on your carpet or in parts of your home, such as on walls or carpets. 

If any of these symptoms persist, you should immediately call a professional plumber to find the source of the leak. In most cases, we can fix the leak that same day.

How Leak Detection Works

Our plumbers use a variety of different techniques designed to pinpoint the exact location of leak. For drains and sewer lines, we use video camera pipe inspection to look inside your pipes and determine where in the system the water is coming from. Infrared technology can also be very helpful in this regard, allowing us to check between walls and ceiling panels for damp or warm spots signifying a leak.

Our Olympia, WA leak detection services are designed to quickly and accurately determine the exact source of the leak in your home so that we can fix it fast. This minimizes any unnecessary work done on your home and ensures the full problem is fixed and not just a symptom of the main problem.

If you are interested in a leak detection service for the inside of your home, call Brooks Plumbing today and learn more about what we can do for you.

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