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Slab Leak Repairs

Slab Leak Repairs in Olympia and Tumwater

There are many forms of leaks, and each of them has different symptoms and different potential levels of damage they can cause. Of all the different types of leaks you can have, though, a slab leak is among the most destructive and unfortunately one of the hardest to repair.

To ensure your home does not suffer unnecessary damage from an Olympia, WA slab leak, contact Brooks Plumbing today. We offer comprehensive slab leak repair services for homes throughout Olympia, WA and Tumwater, WA and can ensure your home is properly sealed against future problems.

What Is a Tumwater Slab Leak?

A slab leak is when a pipe or drain line starts to leak inside a concrete slab on your Tumwater property, usually your foundation. What happens is that more often than not pipes are laid in your foundation when the house is built. If done correctly and with the right materials, the system should work properly for many years. However, if the pipes were laid improperly or not well maintained over the years, they can develop problems that lead to leaks.

Corrosion of pipes, swelling due to high water pressure, or blockages due to scale buildup can all have a negative effect on the pipe and eventually lead to a leak. Because the leak occurs in the concrete, the water can do a tremendous amount of damage to your foundation and the walls of your home’s basement. Even non–foundational slab leaks, such as those in a driveway or concrete balcony, can be very destructive.

Repairing a Lacey Slab Leak

The first step in repairing a slab leak is to determine its root cause. You will likely notice only small symptoms of a leak at first – things like higher water meter readings, increased dampness in your basement or water pooling outside. Cracks might also form in concrete floors where they weren’t before. While we do not currently offer slab leak detection at this time, we can certainly repair the leak after its discovery!

If caught quickly and fixed properly, a slab leak is nothing more than a major inconvenience, but it is important to ensure it is properly handled. For this reason and for all your Olympia, WA slab leak concerns, call Brooks Plumbing.

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