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3 Things to Consider With Bathroom Remodeling

Monday, July 27th, 2015 at 11:00 am

If you’re tired of your old bathroom and/or the façade and fixtures just don’t fit what you need, a remodeling project can perform wonders. Not only does it help you enjoy your home more, but it can provide a solution to a number of tricky problems that affect you every day. (Lack of counter space for example, or a stand-alone shower that lacks a bath.) But before you dive into such a project, you need to think it out carefully to ensure that things go according to plan. Here in Olympia, WA, there are qualified plumbers who can help you out. Here are 3 things to consider with bathroom remodeling that you should discuss with them before you begin your project.

1.     How Much Space Do You Have?

The physical parameters of the bathroom will play a huge role in what you can do with it. A three-faucet counter may not be practical in a smaller bathroom, while toilets and other fixtures need legroom and other space that must be accounted for. Factoring that into your designs can ensure you know the limits of what you can do, and can make more specific decisions accordingly.

2.     Prioritize Your Needs

This goes along with budgetary constraints, as well as the special limitations discussed above. While a good plumber can make a large number of your wishes become a reality, it may not be possible to do everything you want. A good way to separate the practical from the impossible is to draw up a list of your priorities: distinguishing what you truly need from what you can live without.

3.     Remember the Plumbing

Any fixture or outlet you move or install in your new bathroom needs to be connected to your plumbing system, which means running pipes through the walls or floors. A good plumber can provide reliable information on how best to accomplish that within your budget.

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