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Hot Water Tanks

Tank Water Heater Installation in Olympia

Tank water heaters have been in use in one form or another for the last hundred years or more. In fact unless you have already opted to replace yours with a tankless model, your house probably has one that is several years old. As long as your water heater keeps providing you with plenty of hot water, all is well. It is only when you start to have problems that you need to call Brooks Plumbing in Tumwater, WA. We offer new water heaters and complete maintenance and repair services.

Tank Water Heater Sizing in Lacey

One of the most important things that you need to take in to consideration when you are looking at new tank water heaters in Olympia, WA is their size or water capacity. It is far easier to end up with one that is too small for your needs because you are looking at the cost of the unit and the cost of operating it. What you need to do is sit down with one of our specialists and calculate your actual hot water needs and then order your new tank water heater based on these figures.

Most people look at the basic cost of running their tank water heater and think that it is going to cost far too much to keep the water in a bigger tank heated. What they do not see is that when you have a bigger reserve to draw on, your hot water tank heaters do not have to work as hard heating excessive amounts of cold water because you keep using up all of the hot water. Plus there is the added benefit of never running out of hot water.

Energy Efficient Tank Water Heaters in Olympia

There was a time when most tank water heaters were poorly insulated and wasted more energy trying to keep your water hot than it took to get it hot in the first place. We adapted by adding thermal blankets that wrapped around the tank and helped to reduce heat loss and lower energy consumption in Lacey, WA.

Today the tank water heaters you can buy from us at Brooks Plumbing in Olympia, WA are the result of many changes in heating and insulating technology. Our team of experts will work with you to determine what size tank will best fit your family’s needs, your budget and your energy consumption concerns. We always service what we sell and recommend that you enroll in our routine maintenance program that is designed to keep your new water heater running for many years.

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Serving the Olympia, WA Area Since 1994