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Why You Should Hire a Pro for Your Commercial Plumbing Repair

Monday, August 8th, 2022

commercial-sinksWhen you have a plumbing problem in your home, you’re hopefully able to get it resolved pretty quickly and affordably, relatively speaking. Relative to what, you ask. Well, relative to if you own a commercial property that has a plumbing issue!

We know, we know… it’s not pleasant to think about it. But the fact is, plumbing problems are non-discriminatory. They can happen in any building. This is especially true in older structures that have old pipe materials like galvanized steel that can corrode faster that the pipe materials used today, like PVC or PEX.

Why should you hire a pro when you need a commercial plumbing repair, though? Couldn’t you just trust your building’s general maintenance personnel? Well, you could, but they wouldn’t be able to guarantee their work, nor would they be able to do the work efficiently.

Our professionals have extensive experience working in commercial spaces of all kinds and can repair your plumbing with as minimal business interruption as possible. Read on to learn about what kind of commercial plumbing problems we deal with!

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Does Your Commercial Plumbing System Need Repair?

Monday, October 11th, 2021

commercial-bathroom-sinksWhether you just started your own business within a commercial space or bought some commercial property, there is a lot to consider to keep your business successful, right? You need to work with many different people to keep your business running smoothly, and it can be stressful. The last thing on your mind is likely the commercial plumbing within your building. Unfortunately, not considering this important aspect could leave you with problems.

It’s important to think about your commercial plumbing. It’s so much more vast than residential plumbing and therefore the things that can go wrong have bigger consequences. Read on as we uncover what type of repair needs you might face, and why you need an experienced commercial plumber for the job.

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Common Commercial Plumbing Problems to Be Aware Of

Monday, August 16th, 2021

commercial-bathroom-sinksIf you own commercial space or run a business inside one, then you already know that the plumbing system isn’t anything like a residential plumbing system–it’s much more complex! So when a problem comes up and it’s not addressed quickly, it can have drastic consequences. Businesses and buildings that suffer from plumbing catastrophes are open to litigation depending on the type of property it is–especially if you have employees or tenants relying on the building’s safety.

This all said you can be prepared for commercial plumbing problems. They’ll never happen at a convenient time–what kind of emergencies do? But you don’ need to panic. We’re about to go over some of the most common commercial plumbing issues so you’re aware of them and can give us a call before they turn into huge emergencies.

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What to Look for in a Commercial Plumbing Specialist

Monday, March 7th, 2016

Commercial plumbing systems are much different than residential systems in a number of ways. They must often support more people for starters, and in the case of buildings with more than one floor they need to compensate for bathrooms and other facilities on higher floors. In the case of restaurants and other food preparation services, the plumbing needs to accommodate the health codes and be able to support a fully operating business. Those are just a few of the distinctions, and where there are plenty of plumbers here in Lacey, WA, not all of them have the expertise in commercial plumbing that you need to do the job right. If you own a business or manage a commercial space, you want a commercial plumbing specialist to solve your issues, not simply a “plumber.” Here are some things to look for in such a specialist.

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Restaurants Need Reliable Plumbing Services

Monday, January 25th, 2016

If you run a restaurant in Olympia, WA, your business needs to place plumbing at the top of its priority list. A good plumbing systems means a reliable kitchen, where you can prepare food for your customers and – more importantly – get plenty of hot water to keep the kitchen and surrounding environs clean. Just as important are the bathroom facilities, which customers and employees alike use throughout the day and which needs to maintain similar standards of cleanliness. When something goes wrong with any of that, you can’t afford to just trust an employee with a plunger to make it right. Here’s why your restaurant needs a reliable plumbing service in order to make your business work!

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Common Problems With Commercial Plumbing

Monday, July 13th, 2015

Commercial plumbing differs widely from residential plumbing, both in terms of the amount of use it sees and in the uniquely complex needs of each individual business. For businesses in Olympia, WA, that means dealing with specific problems that differ in many ways from residential plumbing. The plumbing problems themselves aren’t all that different – leaks, clogs and defective pipes are the norm just as they would be in a home. But the solutions require a plumber to take careful measures befitting the system in question, instead of applying the same techniques used to solve residential plumbing problems. Common problems with commercial plumbing can be resolved quickly, but they require a special touch.

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3 Differences Between Commercial and Home Plumbing Systems

Monday, June 15th, 2015

In some ways, commercial plumbing differs little from the plumbing you use at home. There are pipes, there are faucets and fixtures, and there’s a need for both hot and cold water on demand. But beyond the fundamentals, the two types both respond to vastly different needs. A good plumbing service should be able to respond to both types of plumbing, and that starts with knowing the differences between commercial and home plumbing systems. Here in Olympia, WA, that distinction can determine how successful your plumbers are at doing the job assigned to them. Here are some key differences between the two types of system that you should be aware of.

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When Is It Time to Call for Commercial Plumbing Help?

Monday, May 4th, 2015

No building can operate without a properly working plumbing system, and this is especially true for commercial properties. While many commercial property owners are handy, or have staff that are, it is always best to call for trained commercial experts when you need help with your business’s plumbing. When is it appropriate to call for help? Here are some examples of when it’s time to contact your Brooks Plumbing expert:

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3 Common Repairs for Commercial Plumbing Systems

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Plumbing for businesses is not much different at the basic level than plumbing for homes. The difference lies in scope. Not only is the plumbing system of a business much more extensive than in a home, it also receives far more use and must handle an enormous volumes of fresh water and wastewater. Providing repairs for commercial plumbing systems requires special skill and equipment. It also requires plumbers who know city codes and will make sure that your plumbing meets those requirements.

Brooks Plumbing has provided quality service for residential and commercial plumbing in Olympia, WA since 1994. We are available all day, every day, for the highly trained assistance you need to keep your business’s plumbing working.

3 repairs we often do for commercial plumbing

  • Unclogging drains: No matter where you are, from a small cabin to a huge warehouse, plugged drains are problems. If your business has restrooms or a kitchen, you will probably run into clogs more often than any other problem. Unlike residential clogs, which are often solvable with a plunger, commercial systems receive enough use that clogs will require professional assistance to eliminate.
  • Sewer line repairs: As a business owner, you are responsible for the sewer line that carries all the wastewater from your property until it reaches the municipal line on the street. Damage to this main line (which often happens because of construction projects) can lead to catastrophic problems, such as flooding in bathrooms and damage to the foundations of the building. Basement storage areas are especially susceptible. These fixes are often extensive, but they need to be taken care of by professionals immediately.
  • Sealing leaks/pipe replacement: One of the most frequent troubles that can occur in a business is collapsing ceiling tiles because of water leakage. All building material will suffer damage when leaks occur, but the light material of ceiling tiles is the quickest to deteriorate. However, this is an excellent warning sign of leaking trouble, since most pipe leaks occur out of sight until they become serious problems. Professional plumbers can use leak detection equipment to locate all the pipe leaks and stop the potential damage it can do to the building. Plumbers can seal leaks or perform pipe replacements if necessary.

If something goes wrong with your business’ plumbing in Olympia, WA, you can’t procrastinate about having it repaired. You need to call a service that can deliver the repairs you need as soon as you need them. Make sure you call Brooks Plumbing when you need immediate help for your commercial plumbing needs.

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Grease Traps and Commercial Plumbing

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

If you run a commercial kitchen or restaurant then your grease trap and plumbing system are both critical to your daily operation. If you start to have problems with your grease trap or if your commercial plumbing system is clogged or leaking, call the Olympia, WA commercial plumbers at Brooks Plumbing today. We have years of experience working with all different types of businesses to help them improve the function of their grease traps and the efficiency of their plumbing system. Here are a few common issues that we see with commercial grease traps and plumbing systems.

Common Grease Trap Repair

Grease traps are an essential part of a commercial kitchen or restaurant. Often they are also required by law. The melted fat and grease that result from cooking can cause big problems for city sewer lines which is why restaurants are required to have a grease trap. Grease traps, as their name implies, allow restaurants to drain out water and other debris while simultaneously restricting grease from getting into the sewer lines. Grease traps need to be cleaned regularly to remove the solidified fat solids. These are a few of the most common grease trap problems that we see. If you need a Olympia plumber to fix your restaurant’s grease trap just call Brooks Plumbing today.

  • Clogs – If you start to smell a foul odor from your drains or if there is waste water coming up through your drains, it likely means that you have a clog with your grease trap. This could because it is full or because the pressure inside the trap is off. When you need an Olympia, WA plumber make sure that you call Brooks Plumbing. We’ve repaired countless grease traps and can get yours working again fast.
  • Leaks – Waste water leaks are also a common with grease traps. Any piece of equipment that handles a lot of water is going to have problems with leaks. If you’ve started to notice that your grease trap is leaking and you need an Olympia plumber just all Brooks Plumbing today.

For all your commercial plumbing and grease trap repair, installation or maintenance just call the Olympia, WA plumbers at Brooks Plumbing.

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