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Drain & Sewer Installation

Drain and Sewer Installation and Replacement in Olympia

Whether you are having a new house built or you have purchased an older home with a sewer problem, you are going to need a professional Tumwater, WA plumbing service to handle the drain and sewer installation and replacement work. No one ever plans to have problem with the lines that run underground and remove the water and sewage from their homes, but when you do Brooks Plumbing can handle the issues you have.

How Do You Know You Need New Drain and Sewer Lines in Lacey?

In most cases, you are not likely to know that you have a problem serious enough to call in a drain and sewer installation and replacement service until one of two problems occurs. The first and most common indicator that you may have serious problems is when your Lacey, WA drains start to back up. This can indicate either a severely clogged line or one that has collapsed. The other common indicator that you have a broken sewer line is a spot in your lawn that is wet and where the grass is much greener.

In either case, by the time you notice these problems, you have no choice but to call in a professional plumbing service, so they can inspect your drains and sewer lines for blockages or signs of damage. In most cases a simple inspection with a video pipe camera and monitor will let one of our skilled technicians find the problem quickly and provide you with an accurate estimate for the necessary repairs.

Taking Care of Your Drain and Sewer Installation and Replacement in Tumwater

Our experts will start out by helping you to secure the necessary permits from Tumwater, WA for the work to be done. Once this has been accomplished, we will map out your existing sewer lines or draw up a plan for the new lines to be laid if there are none in place at present. As we plan your new drain and sewer installation and replacement, our skilled installers are going to be looking for potential problems such as trees, utility lines and so forth. While these might not pose a problem now, they may do so in the future.

At Brooks Plumbing we want to be certain that once our installation team is done, your system will continue to work and provide you with trouble free drainage for many years to come. To help ensure this, we offer a complete annual inspection and maintenance service that includes video inspection of your complete drain and sewer system. These can help prevent major problems from occurring or at least give you advance notice that will give you timed to plan for the necessary repairs.

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Serving the Olympia, WA Area Since 1994