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Drain Snake

Drain Snake Services in Olympia

If you have a clog in your drains, there is a natural progression in trying to remove it. First, you will try to use a plunger, hoping that it is shallow enough that a little suction will pull it loose. If that does not work, you may have a simple hand snake that can be operated by hand to check for clogs. However, if that does not work or if the clog is so deep that a hand snake cannot reach it, you may need something more powerful.

Brooks Plumbing can visit your Olympia, WA home and use a drain snake to actively remove whatever clogs have developed in your drain lines. No matter how tough of a clog you have, know that we can get it free with our full range of drain cleaning services, including drain snakes.

Types of Tumwater Drain Snakes

There are many types of drain snakes and many techniques for using them to remove clogs from various forms of drain lines. Plumbers such as ours are highly trained to pinpoint the root cause of a clog and use the correct snake to pull it free. For this reason, when you call us to fix your clogged drain problems, we can do it quickly and correctly.

Drain clogs rarely need anything more powerful than a snake, and we highly discourage using chemicals to remove clogs. Chemicals, while effective immediately, cause a tremendous amount of damage not only to the Lacey, WA drain pipe you are clearing, but also to every pipe they encounter on the way to the sewer. Your sewer line can corrode more quickly if exposed to these chemicals as well. Instead, call us for drain snake unclogging services, and we can remove whatever clogs you might have using the simplest most effective technology we have available. Drain snakes are highly effective for clogs comprised of hair, soap, food particles, grease, and paper products.

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A clog is a serious problem. thatmight only manifest as a slow drain at first. Unfortunately, if it backs up enough over time, a clog can stop your fixtures from working, back up your entire drainage system or even cause damage to the system as unnecessary pressure is placed on the pipes. For all these reasons, make sure you call an expert that can use drain snake technology to remove your clogs. Call Brooks Plumbing today for all your Tumwater, WA drain snake needs.

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Serving the Olympia, WA Area Since 1994