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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Services in Olympia, WA

There are few things worse than having a fixture overflow because of a clogged drain. Clogged drains can occur at any time and in many cases without much in the way of notice. You may have used the kitchen sink to wash the breakfast dishes in your Olympia, WA home and had no problem getting the sink to drain. However by the time dinner rolls around, you may have a problem and need to call in Brooks Plumbing to receive complete drain cleaning services.

Clogged Drains in Tumwater

There are many things that can cause the drains in your Tumwater, WA home to become partially or fully clogged and require drain cleaning services. The one thing you need to realize is that the drains and sewer lines in your home are not a straight line. They consist of numerous traps, bends and vents that all must be free flowing in order for the water and waste to travel through them.

The traps, bends and vents in your drain lines are necessary not only to keep your waste water flowing, but also to keep the sewage gasses from seeping back into your house. At the same time, these bends and traps are the perfect place for many things such as excessive amounts of paper, clumps of hair and grease from the kitchen to get caught and over time completely block your Olympia, WA drains.

Clogs Can Occur in Many Places in Your Lacey Home

While you see the results of a clogged drain as the water backs up in a sink or your bathtub, perhaps an overflowing toilet, the actual clog can occur at any one of many places within your drains or sewer lines. In many cases you are going to need the help of a licensed and trained plumber in Lacey, WA to help find out where the clog happens to be and then to use the right tools to clear the blockage and allow your water to once again flow freely.

Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Olympia

If you are tempted to try and clear your own clog, you should never go beyond the use of a plunger. Using something like a piece of wire or one of the various chemicals on the market can actually cause significant damage to your pipes that can result in very expensive repairs.

When you call in Brooks Plumbing, we will send a highly experienced technician to examine your Olympia, WA pipes using the latest video technology to find the leaks. Once the technician finds the blockage, he will use the best tools for the job to remove the cause and then thoroughly clean your drains to ensure that clogging does not happen again.Contact us today to schedule an appointment

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