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Common Water Heater Problems

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013 at 1:17 pm

Water heaters occupy an “out of sight, out of mind” position in many homes. As long as the hot water comes whenever you turn on the faucet, most people don’t worry about any problems. Issues with the water heater typically arise slowly over time, then spring upon you when you least suspect it. In Olympia, plumber services are often trained to handle water heaters, but you can help by identifying the possible source of the trouble when it arrives. Here is a brief list of some common water heater problems.

  • Thermocouple/pilot light. The pilot light ignites the gas that heats the water in the heater. The thermocouple serves to regulate the flow of gas, shutting it off in the event of a problem. When the pilot light goes out or the thermocouple won’t function, your heater won’t produce any hot water.
  • Dip tube. The dip tube runs the length of your water heater tank that moves cold water to the bottom of the tank. The hot water at the top moves into your home through the pipe system, while the cold water is warmed by the heater. If the dip tube has a breach or is broken in some way, you’re apt to get lukewarm or even cold water instead of hot.
  • Leaks. A breach in the heater tank or troubles in the various fittings between pipes can result in a leaky hot water heater. A repairman will need to hunt down the source of the breach and seal it, or else the problem will likely get worse.
  • Anode rod. The anode rod prevents rust and other damage to the heater. It slowly dissolves over time. When it doesn’t, you’re apt to discover black or rusty water coming out of your pipes, and will need to replace the spent rod with a new one.

In Olympia, water heater service is provided by the trained professionals at Brooks Plumbing. We handle all manner of common water heater problems, and can deal with replacement and installation operations in the event your water heater needs replacing. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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