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How to Tell if You Need Whole House Repiping

Monday, November 4th, 2013 at 3:39 pm

Plumbing is perhaps the most important component in your house: providing you with clean, safe water for bathing and cooking. Your system of pipes needs to be dependable day in and day out, and with durable components, you can expect your plumbing system to last you for many years. Sooner or later, however, everything wears out, and the time may come when you need to replace your existing system with an entirely new one. In towns like Tumwater, plumbing installation means factoring in seasonal rains and other local conditions, as well as the inherent logistics of getting a new set of pipes put in your home in a timely fashion. Before you undertake such an installation, you need to determine if the need is there. Here’s how to tell if you need whole house repiping.

The facts of the matter won’t arrive all at once. Even a large repair may only stem from a single problematic pipe, not your entire system. In all likelihood, then need for a whole system replacement will arise only over time, as costs build up. You may notice that you need frequent repairs over multiple parts of the house, for example, or your home may have chronic leaking problems that recur in the bother, kitchen and anywhere where you have sinks.

Similar signs may not be as dire, but definitely suggest a problem in need of addressing. For instance, notice your water pressure if you turn on the pipes. Has it been going down over time? If so, it may suggest a lingering problem with the pipes. You might also notice it with a spike in your monthly water bills, especially if you’re not using any more water than normal.

Whatever the signs, you should probably speak to an expert first. He can determine if you simply need a plumbing repair, or whether something more extensive is in order. If you know how to tell if you need whole house repiping and you’ve decided the time has come, call on Brooks Plumbing to help. We handle plumbing installation service in Tumwater and issues of all varieties and we are standing by to give you a hand. Pick up the phone and contact us today.

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