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How Does a Drain Tile System Work?

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 at 3:44 pm

Water leaking into your home is one of the biggest concerns you may face as a homeowner, especially in Washington State with our heavy annual rainfall. Among the most difficult leaks to address are those that seep into your basement. These leaks in the lowest part of your house can happen in the walls, floors, and the corners outside your house. Unattended water leaks in the basement will soon spread into the rest of the house, and at that point fixing the damage will require extensive work.

We recommend homeowners with basements install a drain tile system combined with a sump pump to siphon away water before it can reach inside their house. You will need professionals to install this system; for expert plumbing in Olympia, WA, call on Brooks Plumbing to get the job done fast and right.

A drain tile system is designed to move water away from your basement and into the sump pump or to a water outlet that leads to the main sewer line. The drain tiles are set into a gravel moat around your basement. Water naturally flows toward the most porous material where it will meet the least resistance, so it will move toward the gravel deposits instead of toward the concrete walls of the basement. As the water enters the gravel, it will flow down into the drain tiles, which are four-inch wide pipes with multiple drilled holes. These pipes move the water away from the basement and toward a pit where the sump pump will take care of removing it, or else it will enter the water outlet.

If a drain tile system receives improper installation, it can back up with water and cause your basement to flood—defeating the whole purpose of having them installed. Professional installers will take the time to locate the best placement of the drain tiles to ensure that they will be able to properly siphon the water away from your basement.

This may sound like a major construction project on your home, but for trained experts the installation is not that arduous or time-consuming. The professional plumbers don’t need to dig up the concrete in your basement: most of the work involves making trenches outside your home. Our expert plumbers at Brooks Plumbing have experience handling drain tile systems. When you need plumbing services in Olympia, WA to keep water out of your basement, make us your first call.

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