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Restaurants Need Reliable Plumbing Services

Monday, January 25th, 2016 at 11:00 am

If you run a restaurant in Olympia, WA, your business needs to place plumbing at the top of its priority list. A good plumbing systems means a reliable kitchen, where you can prepare food for your customers and – more importantly – get plenty of hot water to keep the kitchen and surrounding environs clean. Just as important are the bathroom facilities, which customers and employees alike use throughout the day and which needs to maintain similar standards of cleanliness. When something goes wrong with any of that, you can’t afford to just trust an employee with a plunger to make it right. Here’s why your restaurant needs a reliable plumbing service in order to make your business work!

Timely Service

Your plumbing system needs to conform with Washington health codes, and maintain a high standard of functionality in order to keep your restaurant running. Customers need drinking water with their meals, which means a well-stocked ice machine and access to clean, pure water sources. Dishes need to be spotless. The floors and tables need to be thoroughly cleaned, and the bathrooms need to be fully functional. When any of these elements run into trouble, it can spell disaster for your restaurant. A good plumbing service can not only repair them on short notice – letting your business continue to run as normal and keeping your pipes and fixtures doing what they need to do.

Modern Updates

Plumbing fixtures in restaurants undergo stress like no other fixtures. They can wear out quickly and even those that last are often supplanted by more modern and efficient models within a few years A good plumbing service can help install new ice machines, dishwashers and the like when your old ones wear out, or when your business does well enough to merit an improvement of the facilities.

Call on Brooks Plumbing to help with your restaurant’s plumbing system.

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