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When Does a Clogged Toilet Warrant Professional Service?

Monday, November 28th, 2016 at 11:00 am

Clogged drains anywhere throughout your home can be a major annoyance, and unfortunately it’s a common issue. But one of the most detrimental type of clogs you can get in your home is that of a toilet clog, which often threatens to cause major water overflow.

Sometimes a toilet plunger can relieve the simplest of clogs, however there are other reasons for toilet clogs that will necessitate a call to a bathroom plumbing expert to remedy the situation—such as the member of our staff. Keep reading to learn more about these scenarios.

DYI Repairs Can Damage the Toilet More

If you have a problem with your toilet that cannot be resolved by simply relieving a clog with a basic plunger, then you should call a professional plumber. Sure you could go out and buy a drain snake or a bottle of chemical drain cleaner, but did you know these can both actually do more harm than good? While there are effective methods to remove clogs, these are not great examples of such.

Neglecting or Trusting an Amateur with Repairs Can Cause Overflow

Attempting repairs beyond a basic plunger exposes you to the risk of making a clog worse—causing a larger backup and overflow, or even leaking around the toilet. Not only are wastewater backups in your home health hazards, but they are also disgusting and extremely inconvenient.

The Problem Might be More Than a Clog

Clogs in toilets or bathroom sinks are sometimes the symptoms of a much larger problem—problems with the sewer line. This important part of your plumbing system can incur damage from tree root infestation, corrosion, construction, or even landslides. When this happens, clogs can begin occurring as a first warning rather than an independent problem.

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