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How to Best Protect Your Plumbing This Winter

Monday, December 5th, 2016 at 11:00 am

Winter may not officially be here quite yet, however temperatures have definitely cooled down considerably, signaling that the heating season is certainly here. With that cold weather comes a number of potential issues, from ice on your walkways to keeping your home warm and comfortable for your family and guests.

One additional winter challenge that is important not to overlook is that of your plumbing system. While our temperatures typically don’t drop below freezing, it has happened before and could always happen again. With everything you have to think about as a homeowner, burst pipes are certainly not something you want to deal with. So how can you protect your plumbing to reduce the risk of this occurring?

Insulate Your Pipes

You are most likely familiar with the type of insulation that gets installed in your attic and behind your drywall. Insulation plays a vital role in helping you heat and cool your home effectively and efficiently all year round. However, you might overlook how important it is to insulate your pipes.

This is particularly the case with pipes that run through unheated areas in your basement, garage, or outdoor-facing walls. It’s easy to insulate your pipes with sleeves that can be cut to size and slipped right over the pipes in question.

Disconnect Hoses

Do you use a hose during the summer season? If so, you should disconnect it before the coldest weather hits. If you have a separate shut-off valve for the outdoor bibs in your plumbing system, then go ahead and shut them off at the source, opening them up outside to make sure that they are effectively drained. Once they are, shut them off again.

Maintain Airflow

It may seem odd to leave your cabinets open, but if you have piping behind cabinetry in your bathroom and kitchen, then leaving the doors open allows airflow from your heater to reach that piping. This warm air moving around your pipes can help prevent the water within them from freezing.

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