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Here’s Why Your Garbage Disposal Is Jammed

Monday, November 21st, 2016 at 11:00 am

The garbage disposal in your kitchen is one of those appliances that is often taken for granted—no matter how effectively it gets rid of spare bits of food and organic waste. We don’t usually think much of our sink disposal units, until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, problems occur quite often. And when you do have a problem you want to deal with it right away so it doesn’t clog up your entire drain.

But how does this happen in the first place?

Improper Use

There are some items that should never be placed in a garbage disposal. This includes chicken bones, peach pits, fibrous veggies such as celery, or an excess of carrot peelings or potato peelings. All of these, in addition to FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) can clog the components and result in a jam.

It’s important that you never try to unclog a garbage disposal jam on your own. You can get severely injured, or you can cause further damage to the disposal. Fortunately, our trained plumbers have the skill and the tools to adjust the masher place and safely unjam the mechanism—while also removing any assaulting FOG or food debris.

Other Factors to Consider

Jams are not the only thing that can render your garbage disposal inoperable. Garbage disposal systems require electrical power to run, and if that power gets interrupted, then the system can’t function as it should. Your disposal can also become overloaded by a power surge or similar problem, which will shut it off before it burns out.

Leaks are another issue you may deal with at some time or another. This can happen due to breached hoses, loose fittings, or faulty seals. Our plumbers can clear them up by replacing the faulty components and making sure that the new seals are tight.

When you need fast service for your Tumwater, WA garbage disposal, just give the pros at Brooks Plumbing Co. a call!

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