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Do You Have a Leak in Your Water Main?

Monday, February 1st, 2016 at 11:00 am

The water main supplies clean potable water to your household plumbing system from Olympia, WA’s civic lines. As such it remains one of the most important plumbing components in your home. Leaks are uncommon, since the water main is usually buried beneath the ground, but time and corrosion do take their toll, as do things like tree roots, which can wrap around the pipe in search of water. That makes a leak in your water main hard to spot. But if you can, it gives you an early jump on the issue, allowing you to summon a qualified plumber to handle the problem for you. Here’s a short list of ways to spot a leak in your water main.

  • Reduced Pressure. A heavy leak will lower pressure in your entire system, leading to reduced flow in your various fixtures such as the sinks or showers.
  • Higher Water Bills. The leaking is going to translate into increased “use” in your home, which will in turn lead to higher water bills for water you aren’t using. If you notice an unexpected spike in your bill, even though you haven’t used any more water than normal, you may be looking at a leak.
  • A Greener Yard. This can be tough to spot here in the Pacific Northwest, but it’s a sure sign of a problem. The leaking water means that nearby foliage will get extra watering, which could translate to greener, healthier plants in a single isolated spot in your yard.
  • Puddles. Puddles are equally hard to spot, especially after a rainfall. But if one pops up without any apparent source or cause, you’re likely looking at a leak in the waterline.

Civic laws dictate when the water line is the homeowner’s responsibility and when it’s the duty of the city to fix the issue. Once you’ve determined that you need to address it, call the friendly plumbers at Brooks Plumbing to get it fixed the right way!

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