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3 Signs that Your Water Line is in Trouble

Monday, December 28th, 2015 at 11:00 am

Your water line is the main artery between the civic line in Olympia, WA and your home, providing you with safe, clean water for drinking, cleaning and bathing. Because it’s buried underground in most cases, it can be tough to notice – or deal with – when it encounters problems. The good news is that trained plumbers know how to replace a damaged water line much more efficiently and inexpensively than they used to. The better news is that you can spot the signs that your water line is in trouble, even if you can’t see the line itself. Here are 3 of them for you to keep in mind.

Reduced Water Pressure

A leak in your main water line will slow the pressure in your home – to a trickle sometimes – as will blockages caused by tree roots, mineral build-up and similar issues. You can usually tell it’s in the water line because it will affect the whole household, rather than just a single outlet or room.


We know: we get a lot of puddles here. But when a water line breaches, puddles may show up in the yard directly above where it is located, often out of position form where you’re accustomed to seeing puddles form. If you spot strange water deposits in your yard – rain or shine – chances are you have a water leak in your main.


Your pipes shouldn’t make noises except when you’re running the water, but if there’s a leak in your line, the sound may carry up the pipes and into your home. Generally speaking, anything unusual about your plumbing should merit a service call, but if odd noises come up from your pipes, you could very well be looking at a water line break.

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