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Benefits of Low-Flow Toilets

Monday, January 4th, 2016 at 11:00 am

If you’re considering a bathroom upgrade, whether small or large, a low-flow toilet is something you should seriously think about. They’re designed to reduce the amount of water you use with each flush, and qualified plumbers here in Olympia, WA can fill you in on all of the details. The benefits of such a system are numerous, with very few drawbacks attached to them. Replacing an older toilet with a low-flow system just makes a lot of sense. Here are 3 things to think about when contemplating such a decision.

Low-Flow Toilets Save Water

The average toilet uses over three gallons of water every time you flush. Low-flow toilets, on the other hand, use less than half that. Considering how much toilet use contributes to your monthly water bill, that can translate to a huge amount of savings very quickly: up to 14,000 gallons a year, depending up how much you use it.Olympia residents are always concerned about waste and environmental management. Low-flow toilets are an easy way to avoid excessive waste without altering your lifestyle one bit.

Low-Flow Toilets are Easy to Install

While you should always trust a professional to install a new toilet instead of attempting the feat yourself, low-flow toilets don’t require any more equipment to install than regular toilets. That means the operation can be completed quickly and inexpensively, either as part of a larger bathroom remodeling, or simply as a replacement for an older toilet that needs to be thrown out.

Low-Flow Toilets  Are Built to Last

Once installed, a low-flow toilet is designed to work without fuss or problems for a long time to come. While individual parts may wear out over time just like any other toilet, they’re usually easily replaced, and the toilet as a whole should last you for decades if not longer.

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