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Eek! Troubles With Your Garbage Disposal? Here’s Why!

Monday, August 5th, 2019

If you’re lucky enough to have a garbage disposal in your home, you know just how awesome these nifty little inventions are — let’s face it: you probably use it just about every day for every little thing! But one thing’s for sure — your garbage disposal was not designed to handle every little thing that’s thrown its way, and therefore, homeowners often find themselves dealing with a troubled disposal.

Not to worry though — below, we’ve explained some of the most common problems that occur with garbage disposal units. That way, you can learn to avoid these issues altogether! All you’ve got to do is keep reading below to find out more! 

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Plumbing Tip: When to Call for a Garbage Disposal Repair

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Normally when something goes wrong with you Lacey home’s garbage disposal it is quite obvious .  Any if you notice any of the following problems, it can be an indication that a call for garbage disposal repair is needed in order to get it back up and in working order.

  • Bad Smells:  When a bad smell happens, it is great to try the easy fixes like putting lemons down the disposal.  However, when those home remedies don’t really do the trick, it’s likely a garbage disposal problem exists under the surface, such as the unit not properly chopping food any longer.
  • Jammed Disposal:  When a disposal jams on something, it is often an item that should never have gone down the drain in the first place.  The force of the disposal stopping abruptly during use while the motor continues to grind on can cause damage that you could never see and which should be addressed by a trained professional.
  • Water Leaks:  When water leaks from a disposal it can either be a broken seal near where the top of the disposal connects to the sink, or it could be a malfunction within the disposal that requires a repair or replacement.
  • Noisy Disposal:  When there is more than normal vibration or humming coming from the unit, it could be a stuck flywheel, or a locked u p or broken motor.  If this noise continues for too long it could permanently damage the disposal, causing need for a replacement.
  • Clogged Drain:  A drain clog below the disposal could mean that the disposal is no longer properly grinding up food.  If simple fixes such as sharpening the blades with a few cups of ice cubes doesn’t work, then there could be a broken blade or something more causing the disposal not to work.
  • Stops Working Altogether:  When your disposal won’t start and pushing the reset button doesn’t fix the issue, there could be an electrical problem, or a problem with the motor itself.

Hiring a qualified Lacey plumber such as those at Brooks Plumbing  will ensure you get the garbage disposal repair you need quickly and professionally.  Contact Brooks Plumbing today!

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Garbage Disposal Repair: Why is My Garbage Disposal Making Noise

Monday, July 30th, 2012

When you are looking for garbage disposal repairs in Olympia, call Brooks Plumbing Company. One of the more common service calls we get for kitchen plumbing repairs is a broken garbage disposal, particularly for “humming” garbage disposals. A humming garbage disposal can mean there are a few possible scenarios happening, but first, you’ll need to know what signs to look for.

A humming garbage disposal usually means that when you flip the switch to turn the disposal on, it doesn’t grind the food. Instead, it just makes a humming noise instead of the normal noises of a fully-functioning garbage disposal. This typically means that the blades are not working to chop the food waste. Here are a few reasons why this may have occurred and why you could need a repair service.

The first potential reason for a humming garbage disposal is a stuck flywheel. The flywheel is located just above the lower hopper chamber, and it is the device that turns the blades. The humming noise could mean that the blades are not turning because the flywheel is stuck. This is an easy repair that our technicians can take care of fairly quickly.

If the garbage disposal does not work after we fix the flywheel and reset it for you, the humming could be caused by a seized motor or a frozen bearing. In most cases, a seized motor or bearing means that the unit will need to be replaced. Before you try to repair or replace a garbage disposal yourself, it is best to call Brooks Plumbing Company to schedule an appointment.

Whether or not you need a replacement, Brooks Plumbing is the plumbing contractor to call for garbage disposal repair and replacement services in Olympia. If you decide that you want us to install a new garbage disposal, we can remove the old unit and replace your disposal with any number of new models to suit your needs and your budget. We carry a large selection of the latest models, and our technicians make it a priority to provide expert service for any plumbing job. Call today!

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