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How Do Sump Pumps Work?

Monday, August 31st, 2015 at 11:00 am

A sump pump is a device designed to keep water out of your basement. It can be invaluable when heavy rains hit Olympia, WA – which is pretty much most of the year – and if correctly installed can provide years of worry-free protection against the ravages of Mother Nature. It helps to understand what exactly a sump pump can do for you, and how sump pumps work in your home before you make the decision to install one.

The Process

Most sump pumps are placed in a special pit, called a sump pit, dug at the lowest point in your basement. (Some models use a pedestal instead of a pit, but they’re very noisy and not as efficient). When water reaches a certain level in the pit, the pump turns on (though some use a manual switch instead of an automatic switch). An impeller pulls the water into the center of the device, which spins rapidly. Once inside, centrifugal force pulls it up into a drain pipe, which carries the water out of your basement and safely outside. The pump will keep working until the water levels drop or it’s shut off.


If you’ve decided to get a sump pump, you first need to determine its power levels so that it can adequately handle the world load it may be called upon to perform. Then you need to select the best location for it: somewhere that gives it access to your electrical grid if necessary and can adequately pump the water out of your home. Ideally it should be in the lowest point in your basement, but your technician can discuss alternative options if that doesn’t quite fit. Once that’s set, you should rely on a quality service to install it

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