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Why Should I Use Professional Plumbing Services for Clogs?

Monday, June 29th, 2015 at 11:40 am

Plumbing clogs are a common occurrence and residents of Olympia, WA may be tempted to address them with a store-bought solution. Most hardware stores sell drain snakes, for instance, and chemical cleansers are available in any supermarket. Unfortunately, those products adopt a one-size-fits all approach which doesn’t always solve the problem and may even create new ones. A professional plumber armed with specialized drain snakes can address your clog the right way and ensure that your pipes are functioning exactly as they should.

Insufficient Tools

The problem with broadly applicable tools like cleansers and store-bought snakes is that they don’t address yours specific clogs. A back up caused by toothpaste and hair is different than one caused by vegetable peelings, which is different than one caused by congealed fat. Because they have different consistencies and are formed of different materials, they need different tools to properly dispose of. But store-bought options simply try to power their way through, using snake heads that kinda-sorta-but-not-really clear the clog or chemicals which can harm you as readily as they do the clog.

The Professional Difference

Professional plumbers, on the other hand, have access to specific tools to deal with specific problems. They can send miniature cameras into your pipes to determine the exact nature of the clog, then select a tool specifically meant to deal with it. Professional drain snakes have rotating heads, allowing the plumber to select the one that fits the clog most appropriately and ensure that the whole clog is broken up and removed. Hydro-jetting and other services are available for tougher back-ups, all of which require specialized tools and training.

Fortunately, the experts at Brooks Plumbing possess both the experience and the know-how to fix any clog you may have. Don’t trust cheap store-bought options. Call us today and make sure the problem is fixed right. 

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