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What are Drain Tiles and How Do They Work?

Monday, June 22nd, 2015 at 11:00 am

Here in Olympia, WA, rain is a way of life. And that means drains and sewer lines need to perform as intended on a moment’s notice. Individual homeowners in the area can use equipment such as sump pumps to keep their basements from getting flooded. But sump pumps can get a lot of help with a proper drain tile system installed in your basement. They require professional installation, but can make a huge difference when the waters start to rise and you’re looking to keep your house dry. What are drain tiles and how do they work? Read on for the answers.

The System

The system itself utilizes a series of pipes with holes in them, designed to capture the water as it flows into them. Since water flows downhill and will always seek the path of least resistance, a trained plumber can lay the pipe in the ideal spots in your basement, ensuring that they catch any water that seeps in. From there, they simply let gravity pull the water down into the sump pump, where it can be safely removed from the home. Even without a sump pump, the pipes can be connected to the sewer line so that they still drain out of the home safely.

The Benefits

The key benefits are obvious: your basement stays drier and your sump pump is able to do its job without suffering nearly as much strain. While they eventually suffer wear and tear like any other household component, they have no moving parts, which means repairs are infrequent at best. And with the help of a good plumber who knows how to take the measurements and perform the installation with care, they will last for many years.

The experts at Brooks Plumbing have the skills and experience you need to install a drain tile system properly. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do for you!

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