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Expert Tips to Prevent Water Waste

Monday, September 4th, 2017 at 11:00 am

Rusty burst pipe in Baku Botanic GardenThere are many articles and pieces of advice out there on how to efficiently use the appliances in your home in order to save money. For instance, you can set your AC thermostat to 78° rather than any lower than that to save on your cooling costs. Or you can use energy-saving lightbulbs to cut back on your electric bills. But what about water waste?

You can, of course, call in a professional plumber in DuPont, WA when you have a big emergency, but there are also subtle ways in which you may be wasting water in your home and unintentionally raising your bills. Keep reading for some tips on preventing water waste and thus saving money.

Don’t Ignore Clogs

Is there a drain or two that keeps clogging up in your plumbing system? Hopefully, it’s something that you can relieve with a plunger, though you need to call for professional drain cleaning. Just remember not to use those store-bought drain cleaners as they are caustic and can actually do more harm than good to your plumbing system.

What if multiple drains throughout your home seem to be moving slow? Unfortunately, this is likely a sign that you have a sewer line clog—and depending on what’s causing it you could soon find yourself facing sewer line damage, if it’s not already compromised. It may be that powerful tree roots have infiltrated the line, which can break through the piping.

Ignoring clogs can lead to water loss—yet, it’s still water that you’re paying for!

Don’t Neglect Leaks

On the topic of not ignoring plumbing problems, leaks are a big one! Even the smallest leak from a faucet can account for gallons of water loss each year. If you let your faucet drip every day, 24/7, then it’s definitely going to add up and lead to water waste. Taking action as soon as you notice any type of plumbing leak can make a significant difference in not only your water bills, but the environmental impact you’re making in your community.

Look At Low-Flow Installation Options

Low-flow toilets can significantly reduce the amount water used per flush by more than three quarters, thanks to their gravity assist and high pressure operation. This is more environmentally friendly than using a standard toilet, not to mention it can save you a decent amount of money.

You can reduce your water flow and subsequent water waste elsewhere, too. Consider having restrictors installed in your shower heads and sink faucets. These lower the water pressure you’re getting without negatively impacting your plumbing system.

Track Your Water Bills

True, sometimes there are leaks within your system that you don’t even know about, and therefore could be wasting money without even knowing it. It will do you well to schedule yearly plumbing maintenance to have your system thoroughly checked. Plus, even if you have autopay on your bills, it’s a good idea to take a look at them and ensure there aren’t any unexplained spikes.

For more great tips or to schedule your next plumbing service appointment, contact Brooks Plumbing Co. today!

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