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Plumbing FAQ: Common Sump Pump Problems

Monday, March 18th, 2013 at 8:46 am

Sump pumps protect our basements from flooding. Because our basements are below ground, they are prone to flood first in the event of a rapid increase in the level of water in the ground. A sump pump is a simple device that removes water from your basement and sends it to a drainage system. Because they are placed at the lowest spot in the basement, in a small pit, they are able to handle water first before it reaches the rest of the basement floor. We depend on them to protect our basement from water damage. Like any other mechanical device, however, your sump pump can require repair at some point in its life. We’ve gathered together a list of some common sump pump problems that may help you. If you need a plumber in Olympia, WA, call Brooks Plumbing Company.

  • Insufficient pumping. Occasionally, your sump pump may be overwhelmed by the amount of water flooding into your basement. It may not be powerful enough, or it may be old and at the end of its service life. It’s important to install only high quality sump pumps and to make sure they are professionally installed. That way, you can be prepared for flooding.
  • Clogged. If your sump pump does not have a lid, dirt and debris can easily begin to fill that space and cause the unit to clog. Alternatively, if your sump pump sits directly on the bottom of the pit, it is prone to clogging.
  • No power. If your sump pump has no power, then it cannot hope to prevent flooding. Your circuit breaker may have tripped or you may have blown a fuse. Maybe you unplugged the sump pump by accident. It’s probably a good idea to install a battery backup for your pump, so that it can continue to work if this happens again.

These are some of the most common plumbing problems. Remember, it’s important to take care of any problems so that your home is prepared for the worst. It’s often impossible to know when flooding is going to occur, so make sure your sump pump is always in good working order. Need a plumber in Olympia? Call Brooks Plumbing Company today!

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