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Plumbing FAQ: Does my home need a grease trap?

Monday, March 25th, 2013 at 11:43 am

When you think about grease traps you likely think about commercial restaurant and kitchens that need to dispose of lots of fats, oils and grease—sometimes called FOG for short. These types of food waste don’t break down and can form terrible clogs. In fact, in some municipalities it used to be illegal to dump FOG down your home drain because it required extra maintenance and treatment from the water utility to remove them and remove clogs in city pipes. Homeowners had to install grease traps and get them regularly maintained, cleaned and sanitized. Because garbage disposals are so prevalent now grease levels in city water are likely rising again. Contact the Lacey, WA plumbing experts at Brooks Plumbing

if your home has constant clogs from fats, oils or grease. We can help you figure out if a grease trap is right for you. Here are few things to consider before that.

Why Install a Home Grease Trap?

Unless you’re opening a donut store in your home or if you do a lot of frying your home probably doesn’t need a grease trap. However, if you do find yourself doing a lot of frying in your home or if you’re trying to start a small restaurant then it could be a good idea to install a grease trap. This will protect your plumbing system and help you keep your plumbing system working well. Contact the Lacey, WA plumbing experts at Brooks Plumbing if your home is having any plumbing issues.

However, if you are concerned about the amount of treatment that has to be done to your city’s water supply then doing your part to remove your fats, oils and grease from the sewer system could be a good idea. A grease trap can be installed at your home near your sink drain. You can either get it regularly serviced by a company or use bacteria to keep the trap clean and to avoid the foul odors commonly associated with grease traps.

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