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Plumbing FAQ: Do Banging Pipes Need a Plumbing Repair?

Monday, November 19th, 2012 at 5:06 pm

While there are many plumbing noises that indicate that it’s time to call a Olympia plumber, banging pipes are the most common. A banging noise in your plumbing system could have many different causes. It’s a good idea to call one of the Olympia plumbers at Brooks Plumbing, to inspect your system and make sure there are no major issues.

Here are a few reasons you may be hearing a banging noise when you shut off your plumbing appliances and fixtures.

When water travels through the pipes in your plumbing system, there’s a lot of pressure behind it. If the pipes are too small, there’s more water, and therefore, more pressure behind  the valve when the water moving to that application shuts off. The momentum of the water causes the pipes to shift when this happens, and that’s why you hear a banging noise. Depending on how loud the noise is and the location of the pipes, it could be something that needs a repair.

Not having pipes wide enough to carry the volume of water running through them puts stress on the pipes every time the valve shuts and you hear the banging noise. There are many solutions to this. Your plumber can install vertical pipe near the valve to absorb the shock of the water pressure. The water will move into the vertical pipe and release some of the pressure.

You can also find valves that are specifically designed to address this problem if it is a problem throughout your plumbing system rather than one area. Installing a pressure-reducing valve onto the main water supply will take care of the issue throughout the home. You may also need to add an expansion tank to your boiler or water heater if this is a recurring problem with any of your hot water applications.

If you have further questions or would like to schedule a repair service, call the Olympia plumbers at Brooks Plumbing. We are here to resolve any plumbing issue with the right solution.

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