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Sewer Repair FAQ: What Causes Sewer Lines to Break?

Monday, November 26th, 2012 at 9:11 am

Roots from trees and plants are the most frequent cause of sewer line damage in the Tumwater area. Plant roots may seem harmless, but as they slowly grow beneath the soil they can work their way into any crack or fissure in their path. The juncture of two sewer pipes, particularly older pipes that may have settled and separated a bit, are particularly susceptible to root invasion.

When tiny, sensitive root tips work their way into a microscopic fissure in a pipe, they begin to grow and expand, gradually opening the fissure.  Over months and years, the pressure from a growing root can create a large crack in a sewer pipe. The root itself can thicken inside the pipe, slowly choking it off.

Other less frequent causes of sewer line breaks are settling of the ground, nearby construction, or incorrect installation. Any of those things can cause a sewer pipe to slowly crack open or fracture at a joint.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Fortunately, broken sewer lines no longer need to be a catastrophic event to area homeowners. Brooks Plumbing now provides leading edge video technology to quickly locate the source of the break, and trenchless technology to replace the line.

Trenchless sewer line replacement means that Brooks Plumbing’s expert staff does not have to dig a long, deep slit trench across your property to expose the damaged sewer line. Instead, we make a small hole and excavate horizontally beneath the surface of your property. There’s no disruption of your lawn or landscaping, and no drilling of walks and driveways.

Trenchless technology uses the same technique successfully developed for laying pipelines and cables beneath the surface in large tracts of land where excavating a trench would not be possible. It is a time-tested technique that is efficient and less expensive than traditional ditch digging and back filling. If you need to replace the sewer line on your property, call Brooks Plumbing. Our professional staff have years of experience repairing sewer lines in the Woolwich Township area. When a sewer line breaks, you need a safe, fast, honest solution. Call Brooks Plumbing today.

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