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Drain Cleaning: Why Professional Services Are Better Than DIY Attempts

Monday, June 6th, 2022 at 11:00 am

drain-with-water-going-downChances are, you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the drains in your home all that much. That’s okay! Most homeowners don’t. However, it is important that you know that if you don’t keep your drains and pipes in good shape, it can cause a number of issues for you in the long run.

It’s important to know when to call for professional drain cleaning, to keep your plumbing as healthy and efficient as possible. Professional services outweigh DIY attempts like chemical drain cleaners because it’s healthier for your plumbing. Chemical drain cleaners you can buy at the store are quite caustic and can cause corrosion and more clogs over time, defeating their purpose.

Read on to learn when it’s time to call a professional.

When You Have Slow Drains

It’s pretty unlikely that a clog will form in one of your drains without any warning. The vast majority of clogs actually form over time, as waste accumulates and sticks to the walls of the pipe and builds inward. As this waste buildup gets worse, the drain will move water more and more slowly, resulting in backups.

If you notice just one of your home’s drains having this problem, then it’s likely a problem localized to that area. If this is impacting multiple drains throughout your household, however, then you might be looking at a deeper clog, further down the sewer line, which definitely necessitates a call to our pros!

When You Detect Foul Odors from the Drains

This is a pretty common sign that it’s time for professional drain cleaning services, especially if it’s impacting your kitchen sink drain. As food and other waste stick to the sides of the drain pipe, enough of it will eventually build up to the point that it will start becoming pretty smelly.

Like the above-mentioned problem, if you notice foul smells coming from multiple drains in your household, then there is probably a deeper problem in the sewer system than a simple drain clog. you should call for repairs as soon as possible.

Schedule Annual Preventative Drain Cleaning

It’s important to know that professional drain cleaning doesn’t just have to be reactive, it can be a proactive service you invest in to protect your drain pipes. Professional drain cleaning services can be a great preventive measure in order to keep your drains running as smoothly as possible, even when you haven’t noticed any specific signs that they’re in trouble.

It’s a good idea to have preventive drain cleaning done on all the drains in your home, including the ones outdoors on your property, once every year or two, to keep them as healthy as possible. If it’s been longer than this since you have had your drains cleaned, or if you’ve never had them cleaned at all, now is a great time to call our plumbers and schedule an appointment!

And when you do have a drain clog you can’t relieve with a plunger or standard drain snake, please don’t hesitate to dial our number for help.

For professional drain cleaning in Dupont, WA, contact Brooks Plumbing Co. today!

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