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Take Care to Avoid These Common Plumbing Emergencies

Monday, February 6th, 2017 at 11:00 am

avoid-these-plumbing-emergenciesIn addition to causing significant damage to your home, plumbing problems have the potential to negatively impact your water bills each month as even the smallest leak can account for a lot of wasted water. Fortunately, if you do run into a plumbing problem, you can rely on our quick and efficient Lacey, WA plumbing repairs. However, we can absolutely understand why you’d want to try to avoid having a plumbing problem to begin with—particularly an emergency. Keep reading for some common plumbing emergencies we receive calls for, and what you can do to potentially avoid them.

Grease Buildup in the Kitchen Sink

One of the biggest threats to your kitchen plumbing is FOG, which stands for fats, oils, and grease. The problem is that these things harden as they cool, so even if you pour them down the kitchen sink when they are still hot, they are not going to make their way all the way out of your plumbing system before beginning to solidify. This will in turn create stubborn clogs that could eventually require an emergency cleaning.

Items in the Toilet that Don’t Belong

If your bathroom trash can is full, don’t be tempted to instead put the trash in your toilet and flush. Your toilet is meant for waste, and toilet paper alone. Even sanitary wipes advertised as “flushable” can actually clog up the drain. There’s really no way for you to know if these “flushable wipes” meet industry standards, so it’s easier to just be on the safe side and dispose of them in your wastebasket.

Using Exposed Pipes as Hangers

This is particularly a problem for those homeowners who have exposed piping in their basement. It’s tempting to hang clothes or other objects from your piping as you’re organizing and cleaning. This could be a mistake, however, as it can lead to broken and damaged plumbing.

Ignoring Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Let’s head back to your kitchen—do you know how to appropriately use your garbage disposal? There are certain items that should never go down it. This includes fibrous vegetables, like celery, and hard items such as ice and fruit pits. It’s also not wise to stuff coffee grounds or potato peels down the disposal in excess. This can not only hurt the disposal system, but can also clog up the drain and leave you with a significant backup.

Using the Wrong Washer Hookups

This is one plumbing problem not very many homeowners think of—using washer hookups that are not durable. The commonly used black rubber hoses you often see behind washers are not very sturdy and have been known to burst. To avoid this, it’s best to replace these hoses with stainless washer hoses.

If you do find yourself facing a clog, try first to relieve it with a plunger. If you discover it’s going to take more than that, however, then it’s time to call in a professional. Attempting plumbing jobs like this can lead to more harm than good and more expensive repairs that would have been otherwise unnecessary.

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