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What Are the Most Common Causes for Bathroom Plumbing Clogs?

Monday, August 29th, 2016 at 11:00 am

One of the most popular reasons we get service calls is due to drain clogging. It’s rare that you can go throughout homeownership without ever having to deal with a clogged sink or shower drain at least once. Hopefully, by keeping up on plumbing maintenance you can avoid any persistent clogs, however sometimes your basic DIY- drain clog relief just isn’t enough.

In fact, using store-bought drain cleaner, you can actually do more harm than good to your plumbing. The chemicals in these cleaners are acidic and can cause corrosion and could actually make clogs worse. You should definitely rely on professional plumbers, in addition to our specialized tools, for all of your bathroom plumbing needs. It’s also wise to know what typically causes bathroom plumbing clogs so that you may be able to prevent them.


There is no other object that causes as many problems for bathroom sinks and shower drains as hair does. Hair can easily get trapped in the sludge that lines your pipes, and can also be found in the curved pipe section below your sink—called the p-trap. Eventually, hair can create a thick plug which become extremely difficult for plungers to break through. Our professional plumbers use specialized drain snakes to remove clogs of this kind. But to help reduce the risk of these clogs occurring, place a drain cover over your sink and shower drain.

Soap Scum

Of course, there is no way to prevent soap from going down the drains of your bathroom, and soap scum is a common problem, as it begins to accumulate along the drain pipes. Not only does this threaten to block up your drains, but it can create acidic chemicals that damage the interior of your plumbing.

Small Objects

Anyone can accidentally knock something into your sink or toilet, such as the cap for a plastic hair spray bottle. There’s also the case of a child putting a small toy or even a valuable object down the drain or toilet. Whatever the object is, our plumbers can professionally and safely remove the object.

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