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Signs That Your Sewer Line May Be Backed Up

Monday, September 5th, 2016 at 11:00 am

As a homeowner, you don’t want to deal with plumbing problems of any kind. However, the one area of your plumbing where you particularly don’t want to have any trouble is you sewer line. This is the section of plumbing responsible for collecting wastewater and transporting it beneath your home and front yard to the municipal sewer pipe in the center of the street.

Since the sewer line lies beneath the ground and is not clearly in sight, it can be hard to detect that there is any problem with it, at least until the potential for damage has already increased. There are, however, a number of warning signs you can watch out for that will indicate it’s time for you to call professionals to repair the sewer line before sewage starts making an unwelcome appearance in your home and yard. Keep reading for some of these signs.

Multiple Drain Clogs

A single blocked drain in your home typically signals a clogged drainpipe, not a backed up sewer line. However, if multiple clogs seem to be forming or slow drains are impacting you in multiple areas of your home, this is a pretty good sign that something’s gone wrong with the sewer line. The cause of the problem could be anything from a tree root, to a backup of debris. If you have a sewer line clog of this type, you may notice a foul odor throughout your home—something you should call our professionals about right away.

Gurgling Noises from Drains

Perhaps you haven’t noticed any drain clogging, but you do hear gurgling sounds coming from multiple drains when water flows into them. This is likely a sign that sewage has started to back up along the pipe. The gurgling noise is typically caused by sewage gases escaping and bubbling through the water pressing down on them.

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