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Signs of Long-Term Drain Clogs

Monday, April 4th, 2016 at 11:00 am

Clogs in your drain are hardly uncommon and residents of Lacey, WA will have to deal with them sooner or later. We usually recommend a professional plumber for such situations, though mild clogs can sometimes be undone by a store-bought solution. More troubling is the reoccurrence of clogs over the course of time, when it seems like every week or so you’re dealing with a back-up in your system. This is definitely a sign that something is amiss, and you definitely need a plumber to get ahold of the problem properly. Long-term clogs can be caused by damage to the pipes, from general corrosion, or from older clogs that weren’t cleared away properly (one of the reasons why we recommend professional service for every clog). Signs of long-term drain clogs can take on many forms, and can include the following:


Food that gets stuck in your drain can linger there for weeks or even months, and are apt to produce quite a stink. Bathroom clogs don’t usually smell as badly, but mold and bacteria can grow in the blockage, and release an odor as well.

Slow Draining

Long-term clogs will slow the drainage of the faucet, shower or other outlet. It won’t be backed up, exactly, but the water may go down more slowly. This can be surprisingly hard to spot, since the slowdown builds gradually over time.


Partial clogs that build up or damage to the pipe can lead to strange dripping or gurgling noises that seem to make no sense. They may occur after you have turned the faucet off, or have no corresponding puddles if they sound like dripping. This will often accompany one or more of the other signs of a slow drain.

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