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Why Choose a Storage Tank Water Heater?

Monday, November 5th, 2012 at 9:49 am

Some people don’t adjust well to change. Others simply like to stick with whatever has been working for them in the past. Whatever the reason, many people just don’t feel the need to embrace new technologies, at least not in all parts of their lives. While many people will sing the praises of tankless on-demand water heaters and attempt to call those sticking with the tank style models old fashioned, this is one of those cases where the oldie is, in fact, a goodie. At Brooks Plumbing we know that newer tankless water heaters are great devices, but we also understand that there are many valid reasons why you may want to stick with a storage tank model in your Olympia home.

Storage tank water heaters keep a constant reservoir of hot water at the ready. Many people will point to the fact that they must continually heat this reservoir when arguing for the superiority of tankless on demand water heaters. While older storage tank models certainly may lack the efficiency of a tankless model, though, the improved storage tanks of modern water heaters have better insulation, reducing the amount of energy that must be used to keep that reservoir warm. Plus, you are much less likely to run out of hot water with a storage tank model, whereas tankless on demand water heaters may have a hard time keeping up in homes with a high demand for hot water.

Storage tank hot water heaters also give you a great variety of fuels to choose from. There is always an ongoing debate about which fuel type is better, gas or electricity. Many argue that natural gas is the way to go, as it is produced domestically, burns pretty cleanly and is cheaper to purchase than electricity. However, you must also consider the efficiency of the particular water heater model in question. After all, if an electric water heater is much more efficient than a natural gas model then the electricity-fueled model may actually wind up saving you money over time in operational costs. Additionally, electricity is available pretty much anywhere, whereas some houses don’t have natural gas hookups or access to a gas line at all. In addition to natural gas and electricity tank water heaters also can be fueled by oil or propane, though these options are much less popular.

We hope that this information has convinced you not to rule out storage tank water heaters just yet. There is nothing wrong with tankless on-demand models, of course, but there is a reason that tank water heaters are so popular. In fact there are several. If you have any more questions about why you may want to choose a storage tank water heater in your Olympia home, call the experts at Brooks Plumbing today.

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