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Why Are There Gurgling Noises Coming From My Water Heater?

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 at 2:02 pm

Generally speaking any unusual noise from a major appliance is cause for concern. This is just as true for your water heater – which rarely receives any attention except when something’s wrong – as it is for any other appliance. Gurgling sounds, in particular, are common signs of a significant problem with your heater. “Why are there gurgling noises coming from my water heater?” you ask. Any plumber in Olympia can give you an answer en route to making speedy repairs.

Gurgling noises usually result from water passing through sediment and build-up on the bottom of the tank. The sediment builds up slowly over the course of time, fed by mineral deposits in hard water that enters the tank. Hard water is usually harmless, but the minerals (usually calcium, magnesium and the like) will settle into the bottom of the tank and may even create strange little structures as they form. When water moves through them, it will gurgle and bubble, creating the noise.

This might not sound like a big deal – and indeed, the water heater will usually still function – but it constitutes a significant problem. The sediment forms an insulating layer between the water in the tank and the heaters intended to warm it. That means your water heater must burn more gas to do its job, costing you money and increasing strain on the bottom of the tank. If left untreated, it could eventually cause a breach in the tank, forcing you to replace the entire unit.

The good news is that a trained plumber in Olympia can help. Draining the tank and cleaning off the sediment is a fairly standard operation for most plumbing services, and some companies can install water filters in your home to cut down on the build-up. If you’re wondering why there are gurgling noises coming from your water heater, then contact the plumbing experts at Brooks Plumbing. We’ll fix the problem and can help you take steps to prevent it from recurring in the future. Pick up the phone and give us a call today. You’ll be glad you did!

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