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Should I Have an Electric Water Heater Installed?

Monday, May 2nd, 2016 at 11:30 am

Earlier this month, we discussed some signs that it may be time for you to replace your water heater. These signs included old age, accumulating rust, and unusual noises. While repairs are oftentimes sufficient, eventually you want to have an old system replaced, as facing an emergency replacement later on down the road is not only inconvenient, but can be costly as well. If you have decided to replace your system and already have a gas system, is there any reason you should consider an electric water heater? We’ve shared some of the benefits of such a system below.

Saves Space

Your gas water heater needs approximately 6-18’’ of ventilation around all the sides and the top. This means you can just install the tank in a small closet or crawlspace. However, an electric system can be installed in a confined space such as this with no problem. You won’t have to worry about a gas leak or gas buildup.

Longer Life

Electric water heaters use fewer parts than their gas-powered counterparts. Those parts are also subject to less heat than those of a gas water heater. This allows them to last years longer, assuming of course that you invest in regular maintenance.

More Affordable

It’s no secret that gas is a more affordable fuel source than electricity. However, when it comes to purchasing the water heater upfront, electric systems cost less than gas water heaters of the same size. This makes an electric water heater a budget-friendly choice.


Many electric water heater tanks allow you to install a timer on them, which cuts off the power to the tank at whatever time you determine. If your community offers time-metered billing, this allows you to limit your power consumption to off-peak times, and ultimately save money.

No matter which water heater you choose for your Lacey, WA home, Brooks Plumbing Co. has the expertise necessary to provide you with professional installation and exceptional service! 

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