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Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Water Heater this Fall

Monday, September 16th, 2013 at 1:47 pm

Water heaters in Olympia can be a blessing when faced with our traditional cool rainy environment. There’s nothing that makes the cold and rain less bothersome than a hot bath or warm beverage waiting for you when you get home. That depends on a reliable water heater, and while regular maintenance and upkeep can extend the life of your current unit beyond what it’s intended, sooner or later, you may need to consider replacing your water heater. This fall makes a good time to pull the trigger, since it gives you the benefits of a new water heater before the temperatures get too low. Here are some reasons why such a move might make sense for you:

  • Your water heater is old. You may have a warranty on your existing water heater and if it’s well maintained, it should last for a long time. If it’s over ten years old, however, and evincing other problems, then replacement may be your only option.
  • Repairs costs are mounting. If your water heater is showing signs of rust or corrosion, if the pilot light steadfastly refuses to stay lit, if puddle of water repeatedly appear on the floor, or if scaling and sediment build-up are creating problems in your system, the cost of fixing them may no longer be worth the aggravation. While the initial set up fee for a new water heater may be expensive, you’ll see returns with lowered monthly heating bills and a lack of repairs.
  • The water heater isn’t working. If you use an excessive amount of hot water, you may notice the heat fading over time as the heater works to keep up with demand. If your water heater can’t produce hot water at all and/or multiple service calls can’t seem to fix the problem, then you need to consider a new water heater

When it comes to water heaters in Olympia, WA, Brooks Plumbing has the expertise you need. We’re locally based, so we understand the needs of Washington home owners, and our trained Olympia, WA water heater technicians can install a new water heater before the winter storms arrive. If you have reasons to consider replacing your water heater this fall, contact us to make an appointment today.

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