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Common Repairs in Tankless Water Heaters

Sunday, December 13th, 2015 at 11:00 am

Tankless water heaters offer a number of advantages over traditional tank water heater models. By heating the water as it flows through the pipes instead of using a stationary tank, it’s able to provide an infinite amount of hot water instantly, while cutting down on overall energy use in the process. Tankless systems work especially well in smaller households or vacation homes, but like any other system, they periodically require repairs. The good news is that you have a company to rely on in Olympia, WA that knows how to fix all manner of problems with tankless water heaters. Here’s a quick list of common repairs that you should look out for.

Hard Water Build-Up

Hard water is simply water with a high mineral content, usually calcium or magnesium, which is harmless to humans. But when the water heats up in the tankless system, it often leaves deposits behind, which can eventually cause big problems for the system’s internal components. A trained technician can clean up the build-up and repair any damage.

Venting Lines

Tankless water heaters generate a lot of heat, which is necessary to heat the water so quickly. That generates a lot of hot air, which needs to be properly vented lest it damage other components in the process. A clog or similar problem in your venting lines could cause the whole system to shut down.


Tankless systems have a very specific workload capacity, which is why they work best in households without a lot of people. When too many people draw upon it at the same time, it can overload the system, which often results in burnt-out components and a major repair bill.

If you encounter a problem with your tankless water heating, turn off the system immediately and call the pros at Brooks Plumbing for repairs!

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