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3 Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repairs

Monday, April 27th, 2015 at 11:00 am

Hot water is a vital resource, and anyone who has suffered a water heater breakdown can attest to how frustrating it can be to go without it. Many times, those breakdowns can be anticipated and addressed with preventative maintenance or repair session from a qualified Olympia, WA plumber. If you can spot the signs of distress in your water heater, you can schedule a session at your convenience to address the problem, instead of having to scramble once it deprives you of hot water. Here are 3 signs your water heater needs repairs.

1.      Water Heater Sounds

Sounds are an excellent indicator that something is wrong, and indeed the type of sound can give you some idea of the nature of the issue. For instance, a gurgling noise may indicate excessive sediment build-up in the bottom of the tank, while groaning noises may indicate a metal component suffering from severe fatigue. Regardless of the exact sound, any unusual noise is cause for concern.

2.      Oddly Colored Water or Strange Odors

A rusted water tank will release flakes of rust into the water, causing discoloration and even visible flecks of rust. Similarly, bacteria in the tank can result in water with a bad odor, similar to rotten eggs in many cases. A professional can address both issues by either flushing or cleaning the tank.

3.      Leaks

It sounds obvious, but because water heaters are often placed in out-of-the-way sections of your house, few people think to check it for leaks or other problems. A leak is a serious issue and it should be dealt with as quickly as possible before the water damages other components in your house.

If you suspect your water heater needs repairs, or even if it’s just been some time since it received a maintenance session, give the trained plumbers at Brooks Plumbing a call!

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