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Why You Should Never Ignore Pinhole Leaks

Monday, January 2nd, 2017 at 11:00 am

When you hear the term “leak” you may envision water gushing from under your kitchen sink and flooding the entire bottom floor of your home, or a pipe behind a wall rupturing leaving you with an expensive mess. Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with something this dramatic. However, ignoring the much smaller leaks—those known as pinhole leaks–could lead to larger damages than you might expect.  What are pinhole leaks though, and why are they so bad?

How Pinhole Leaks Happen

Pinhole leaks are the result of something called pitted corrosion. Pitted corrosion is when a pipe corrodes from the outside in. It is exclusive to copper pipes, which normally are resistant to other types of corrosion. These leaks are usually very small, hence the name, only allowing for the occasional drip or small stream of water.

Albeit small, a pinhole leak can cause a good amount of damage if neglected for too long. Nobody knows for sure why copper piping has this tendency to corrode in such a way—it may be something in the soil that causes the pipe to degrade—but tackling the issue before it becomes an emergency is imperative to protecting your home.

We get it. You may still not see the importance of pinhole leaks since they don’t adversely affect your water supply, or even your water bills very much. However, oftentimes pinhole leaks will drip water into areas of your home that really aren’t meant to get wet—your insulation, behind walls, your wood flooring. Eventually this will lead to the development of mold and mildew, which threatens your health as well as the integrity of your property. It’s vital that you not underestimate the power of even the smallest leak.

But How Do I Know if I Have a Pinhole Leak?

You may wonder how to detect if you even have pinhole leaks. Truth be told, it’s very difficult for the average homeowner to find one, even if they suspect that they have one. The answer is in regular maintenance—a professional plumber should be regularly checking your system and locating and sealing any pinhole leaks they find before they can cause serious damage. They may also recommend repiping, which is a good idea anyway if you have copper piping.

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