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Why Professional Drain Cleaning is the Only Drain Cleaning That Matters

Monday, March 1st, 2021 at 11:00 am

drain-with-water-going-downIf you’re like most homeowners, your first instinct when you discover a clogged drain in your home is probably to reach for a bottle of chemical drain cleaner you bought and store under the sink, right? What if we told you this can actually do a lot more harm than good to your plumbing?

Sure, store-bought drain cleaners can dissolve some clogs, such as hair buildup. But they do this at a significant price. One that most homeowners pay without even realizing it. Keep reading as we dive into what’s wrong with these chemical “solutions” and why professional drain cleaning is the only drain cleaning that matters.

Store-Bought Solutions are Damaging

There are a number of things that can clog up the drains in your home. Your plumbing system has a number of areas that bend and turn, and therefore can make it even trickier to prevent clogs. And so, it’s tempting to reach for the easy solution, but you may not like the end result!

The reason that store-bought chemical drain cleaners can dissolve some clogs so quickly is because their ingredients include very caustic and corrosive chemicals. These chemicals are capable of eating through pretty much anything… but that includes your pipes.

It also bears mentioning that accidental exposure to these chemicals can be quite harmful to you, your family, and your pets.

After years of using these chemicals on a regular basis, you will make your plumbing weaker, and therefore more susceptible to leaks and subsequent problems. You will likely find yourself in need of repiping sooner than later—so like we said above, you end up paying a significant price. If you want to effectively clean your drains and save your plumbing, then you need to schedule professional drain cleaning with our team.

The Power of Professional Drain Cleaning

Our professional plumbers are very well-aware of the type of damage that store-bought drain cleaning products can do to your drains and pipes. This is part of the reason we never use them! When you contact our pros to manage your drain cleaning, we’ll use one of two methods—a drain snake or a hydro-jet system.

Drain snakes allow us to reach down into your pipes and pull out whatever is stuck there. Sometimes, though, this isn’t enough. This is where hydro-jetting comes in. Hydro-jetting also uses a drain snake, but at the end of it, there is an omnidirectional sprayer that allows us to scour the inside of your pipes and pushes whatever is causing the clog down and out of your plumbing system.

Hydro-jetting is particularly useful for sewer line clogs. Since all drains lead to your sewer system, this is good news! When we use this method to clean drains, our lumbers lower the house down into your drain opening and then activates a motor to pressurize the water. The water blasts out of the nozzle at a very high pressure, typically 3500 psi. This is a very powerful tool and should only ever be used by trained and experienced professionals. So give us a call!

To schedule professional drain cleaning in Dupont, WA, contact Brooks Plumbing Co.

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