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What is a Drain Tile System?

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 at 3:31 pm

Given enough time, water can carve out giant valleys through mountains. It is actually one of the most destructive forces on the planet. That’s why it’s so important that you protect your home from water. One way to do that is with the use of a drain tile system. Also called a French drain or a perimeter drain, these systems are installed around the foundation of your home so that they can drain away any water that might collect against the side of your home and cause damage to your foundation, your slab or your home’s structure. Here at Brooks Plumbing, we have a complete offering of plumbing installation services and we wanted to share a little bit about what drain tile systems are and how they work.

Tumwater Plumbing Installation: Drain Tile System

Drain tile systems are designed to remove water from around your home and drain it away to a place that is further away so that it can’t damage your property. In order to do that, a large trench is dug around your home against your foundation. A plastic sheet called filter fabric is laid in this trench and against the foundation that prevents water from touching your foundation or from soaking into the ground under your home.

After that, gravel is laid on top of the fabric and then a pipe with perforations is laid on top of the gravel. More gravel is added on top of the pipe to allow water to drip down into the pipe. The pipe needs to be installed at a slight angle so that gravity will carry any water down the pipe naturally. Often, metal flashing is installed against the cement foundation to provide further protection from water.

As water starts to flow towards your home it will seep into the pipe and get carried down the pipe and away from your home. The outlet for the French drain also needs to be considered. Many times homeowners have their drain tile system empty onto the street where public drainage and sewer systems carry it away. Other homeowners choose to route the drain tile into a sump pump which then pumps the water away from your house. Call us today for more information about our drain tile system services.

If you have any questions or if your home frequently has floods around it, call the Tumwater plumbing installation professionals at Brooks Plumbing today.

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