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What Happens When Your Plumbing Springs a Leak

Friday, June 27th, 2014 at 3:18 pm

The municipal water system and wastewater disposal systems are the responsibility of the local utility company. When leaks spring up, the utility company will sends technicians to take care of the problem. But inside your house, the pipes are your responsibility, so when you discover a leak or suspect there’s one occurring, you need to call for professional plumbers to come to your assistance. As we’ll explain in this post, leaks are serious problems in more ways than one, and they need remedy as soon as possible.

When you are in need skilled plumbing services in Olympia, WA, contact Brooks Plumbing. Since 1994, we worked hard to provide the highest quality plumbing to our customers. We will locate and fix whatever leaks are endangering your plumbing.

Here’s what happens with leaking… and why it’s such a problem

If you spot a major water leak in an exposed pipe, like the pipes directly under a sink, you know that you have a major problem that needs repair immediately. Shut off the water main (make sure you know where it is ahead of time; in fact, go find out right now) and call for trained plumbers.

However, the leaks you don’t see—even the smallest ones—are also major dangers. The first problem they cause is water waste. A tiny leak in a water pipe that only drips three times a minute can still waste 70 gallons in a month! That will show up as a steep price increase on your water bills.

A leak will also begin to pool and cause damage to building material. The water will warp wood and encourage wood rot. Mildew growth is especially destructive, since it eats right through drywall. If you notice any spots of discoloration on your walls, shifted floorboards, or mold and mildew developing in corners, call for plumbers right away to find the leak and fix it before your home sustains damage.

Finally, leaks are insidious: they spread. Once leaking starts, it will change the pressure in the pipes and cause more leaks to follow. Plumbers who come to fix leaking issues will always take the time to see if additional leaks are occurring elsewhere—they know how fast the issue spreads.

What to do if you suspect a leak

Whether you know you have a leak or suspect that you do, first shut off the water main and then open up the taps near the leak (this is to reduce pressure which will help prevent flooding). Place towels where necessary to absorb the escaping waste. Now… leave the tools in the garage and instead call for professional plumbers. If you have leaks in your plumbing in Olympia, WA, call Brooks Plumbing and let our 20 years of experience take care of the problem.

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