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Signs that You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

Friday, February 27th, 2015 at 9:00 am

When you clean out your bathroom, you try to get every nook and cranny. You can scrub the grout, bleach each corner of the tub, and reach behind the sink faucets with a small brush, but there’s one area of the home that you may never reach on your own: the drains. The drains extend all the way to the sewer line, and there is likely debris clinging to the lining of your drain pipes that you cannot clean yourself.

It’s important to remember as well that typical drain cleaning chemicals sold in stores are not a viable solution for clogged drains. In fact, these chemicals are some of the most toxic things available for homeowners to purchase. They are very harmful to your health if ingested and may cause injury to the skin and eyes. Furthermore, they can damage pipes, and they really don’t get rid of most of the things that lead to clogs.

Cleaning Slow Drains

Slow drains or drains that will not work at all deserve professional attention if a plunger will not do the trick. Plungers are some of the only safe items sold for drain removal, while plumbers have much larger equipment for clogs that are located further along in the pipes. As soon as you notice that your drains are not working properly—especially if it happens in multiple drains in the home—professional drain cleaning is the best option to keep backup from occurring.

Plumbing professionals have drain snakes that reach deep into the pipes to pull out clogs or to break up the blockage so that it can move down the pipes. Many experts use video cameras to assess the pipes in order to determine what type of tool to use and where the blockage is located, to repair the problem more accurately and quickly.

Schedule a Drain Cleaning

You may also choose to schedule drain cleaning in order to take preventive action against clogs. When there are minor blockages in your pipes, it may not be immediately apparent. But experts will inspect your pipes in order to make sure that there is no major blockage that could lead to a big clog in the future, and remove any blockage they can.

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