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Reasons for a Sudden Increase in Your Water Usage

Friday, November 28th, 2014 at 11:56 am

If you keep track of your water bills from month to month, you should have a general idea of how much you pay on average. You can expect fluctuations during certain seasons, or times when you have extra people staying in your home. But if you notice a rise in your water usage that seems unusual, you may have a serious problem with your home’s plumbing.

Below are some reasons that you might see water usage and water bills suddenly increase. In many of these cases, you will need to call for professional plumbers to investigate the issue and see if there are repairs that will solve the problem. Do not hesitate when it comes to repair issues; much more could be at a stake than just high water bills. To reach superb services for plumbing in Olympia, WA, call Brooks Plumbing today. We take pride in putting quality into everything we do.

Hidden Pipe Leaks

This is the most common reason for an unexplained spike in water bills in a home—and in this case, you should be thankful for the rise in your bills, since it’s a warning sign that you need to have professionals take care of leaking and prevent it from causing expensive water damage to your home. Leaking pipes in a home are difficult to notice since they usually occur in areas that are hidden behind drywall and floorboards. It’s very important for you to pay attention to signs that leaking is occurring, such as a water usage rise.

Busted Water Main or Slab Leak

If the water use rise seems remarkably high, the issue may be in the water main that brings fresh water from the municipal supply into your home. A burst water main will result in large volumes of water waste. Check the lawn of your home to see if there are puddles showing up unexpectedly; this is a strong indicator that you need professional repairs or a replacement water line. Another possibility is a slab leak where the water main runs beneath the foundation of your home. These are tricky to locate and require excavation to repair, so call for plumbing experts to handle the problem.

Leaky Toilets

See if any of the toilets in your home are running for long periods of time after being flushed. This indicates a toilet with leaky flappers or a similar problem that is allowing large amounts of water to run. This is often an occurrence with older toilets. When you call on professionals plumbers, they can advise you on whether the toilet needs repairs or if replacing it with a newer, more water efficient unit is the best solution.

If you decide to “settle” on having higher water bills, you could end up with significant damage to your plumbing and your home. Call on Brooks Plumbing in Olympia, WA today to look into those mysterious increases in water usage and find out how to remedy them. You’ll save money not only on water bills but also on future plumbing repairs and fixes to your home due to water damage.

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