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Sump Pump Tip: How to Maintain Your Sump Pump

Monday, December 10th, 2012 at 2:12 pm

While the sump pump in your Lacey WA area home should rarely have issues, it is important to maintain it so that you don’t have any problems. If your sump pump breaks down, you could find yourself facing a flooded basement or major water damage to your home.

Here at Brooks Plumbing, we want to help you maintain your sump pump with a few maintenance tips.

Test the Float Switch

Most sump pumps are submersible pumps that are installed inside an open well. Like the floater inside a toilet tank, the float switch will turn on the pump once the water reaches a certain level. Occasionally check it by lifting it for a second to see if it turns on the motor. If not, check to make sure it is plugged in or that there’s not a blown fuse. Call a technician if the float switch isn’t working.

If your motor is constantly running, this means that the float switch is stuck in the on position. This could cause the motor to burn out, so unplug the pump and see if you can clear out any debris stuck underneath the float switch. If that doesn’t work, call a plumber.

Clean the Well and Filters

Try to keep your basement area clean so that debris doesn’t fall into the well. Also, check the filters on the pump and clean out anything that can cause a clog. Call a professional if you aren’t sure how to do this.

Check for Other Damages

Submersible pumps are more susceptible to corrosion and other damages, so check for rust and other obvious damages. Call a Lacey WA plumber at Brooks Plumbing if you notice any problems with your sump pump. Contact Brooks Plumbing today!

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