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Plumbing FAQ: How Does Professional Drain Cleaning Work?

Monday, April 15th, 2013 at 1:15 pm

We rely on our wastewater disposal systems to keep our homes clean and hygienic. Unlike the pressurized water supply systems, our wastewater system relies on gravity to transport organic waste from the drainpipes in our homes into the sewer line and into the septic tank or municipal waste management system. Over the course of their service life, our drain systems accumulate waste and debris. When this builds up on the inside of our pipes, it can present all sorts of problems. Even minor blockages can eventually become serious clogs that require  Lacey, WA plumbing professional to remove. That’s why routine drain cleaning is so important: it allows your drains to operate as they should. For more information, or to schedule drain cleaning in Lacey, WA, call Brooks Plumbing today!

Let’s take a look at the process of professional drain cleaning. Your Lacey plumber will use a variety of tools and techniques, depending on the application, but let’s look at two steps, and then review the benefits:

  • Video pipe inspection. While this is not strictly part of the cleaning process, it is often a necessary aspect of professional drain cleaning. Knowing where the problematic areas of your drains are allows your plumber to concentrate his efforts and target specific blockages. It’s an excellent technology that removes much of the guesswork. By offering a first-person view from within the internal view of your pipes, you’ll be able to know exactly what’s going on.  If necessary, your plumber may recommend repair or replacement if it looks as though your sewer line is cracked.
  • Drain snake. You’re probably getting drain cleaning due to a partial or even complete blockage. Removing deep clogs is no job for a plunger. You need a drain snake. This is an augur attached to a long cable that usually has some kind of attachment at the front that allows for breaking up blockages
  • Benefits.  Rapid wastewater disposal leads to extended pipe life, odor elimination, and any discomfort caused by blocked and slow drains. The greatest benefit is preventing major and sometimes costly repairs and replacement.

For more information about professional drain cleaning and how it works, contact the Lacey, WA plumbing experts at Brooks Plumbing today!

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