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Is It Time to Replace Your Water Heater?

Monday, February 3rd, 2020 at 11:00 am

shower-head-dripping-waterCan you imagine waking up on a chilly, winter morning, having to leave the comfort of your warm bed, and jumping right into a cold shower? Of course not! The last thing anyone wants to do on a brisk winter morning is take an icy cold shower!

Your water heater is absolutely essential to your comfort, which is why you definitely don’t want to take it for granted. But unfortunately, there will come a day when your water heater just won’t be able to keep up and you’ll find yourself in need of a replacement. In fact, there are plenty of signs that indicate its time for a new water heater, and below, we have listed them for you. All you have to do is keep reading to find out more (and of course, remember to call us for your Olympia plumbing.)

Is it Time to Let Go?

Like we mentioned above, there are a number of signs that it’s time for water heater replacement:

  1. The Age of the System: How long has your water heater been in your house? If the answer is longer than 15-20 years, it’s probably best to consider a replacement. See, your old, outdated water heater is simply not going to be as efficient or effective as a brand-new system.
  2. Loss of Hot Water Volume: Are you no longer getting the amount of hot water in your household that you’d expect? Have you and your family members been fighting each morning to be the first to take a shower? If so, you might want to call in a professional for replacement — you know, to keep everyone happy.
  3. Rising Heating Bills: Hot water accounts for most of the heating energy used in your home. If the hot water heater starts to work inefficiently due to its age, then it’s a good idea to have it replaced.
  4. Corrosion: You shouldn’t see corrosion on your water heater until it’s extremely old. If it does appear, it usually can’t be repaired and you must get a new system.
  5. Reddish Discoloration in the Water: If you turn on taps and see a reddish tint to the hot water, it means the inside of the tank is rusting out.
  6. Too Many Repairs: If you’re getting into the habit of calling for repairs for the water heater more than twice a year, that’s too often. Rather than continuing to throw money at a water heater that’s on its last legs, call us for a new installation.

Yes, You Need to Hire a Professional

When the time comes to replace your water heater, you want to make absolutely certain that you’ve hired a professional plumber for the job — only a certified plumber has the tools, training, and expertise to carefully remove your old system and put a new one in its place. Trust us, when it comes to your comfort, you don’t want to take any risks!

Ready to let go of your water heater? Contact the team at Brooks Plumbing Company to schedule an appointment with our experts. 

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