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How to Tell If You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Monday, November 7th, 2022 at 11:00 am

Chances are, you probably don’t think very much about the drains throughout your household. That’s alright! Not many homeowners do. However, it is important to know that if you don’t keep your drains in great shape, it can cause a number of problems for you over time.

It’s important to know when the best time is to call for professional drain cleaning services so that your drains can be as healthy and efficient as possible. Read on as we uncover the top signs that you’re in need of professional drain cleaning services.

Slow Drainage

It’s not very likely that a clog will form in any of your drains without any warning signals. The large majority of clogged drains develop over time, as waste sticks to the inside of the pipes and builds inward. As waste buildup gets worse, the drain lets water through more slowly.

If you discover that any of your drains are moving water out more slowly than normal, it’s likely a sign that you need to call for professional drain cleaning services ASAP. Waiting will only give the clog more time to complement prevent you from using the drain until it’s dealt with.

Foul Odors

This is a common indication that you’re in need of drain cleaning, particularly when it comes to kitchen sink drains. As food and other waste stick to the interior of your drain pipe, enough of it eventually builds up, to the point that it begins to give off a pretty bad smell. If you notice that foul odors are coming from one of the drains in your home, you should call a professional plumber to clean it out.

Foul odors can have multiple causes, some of which can be more detrimental than others. If you have foul odors coming from multiple drains in the home, then there is probably a deeper problem in the sewer system than a simple clog. You will want to call for professional services ASAP, in case the problem creates a sewer line disaster.

Schedule Annual Preventative Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning doesn’t have to be in response to an already clogged drain. It can actually be a great preventative measure to keep your water flowing easily through the drains, even if you haven’t noticed any specific signs that your drains are in trouble.

It’s a good idea to have preventative drain cleaning completed on all your drains at least once every couple of years. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a professional drain cleaning, or if you’ve never had them professionally cleaned at all, it’s time to reach out to our team!

Don’t Trust Chemical Store-Bought Drain Cleaners

Store-bought drain cleaners certainly seem like a great option, right? Unfortunately, they can actually do more harm than good. These cleaners are caustic and can eat away at the interior of the pipes. This can lead to corrosion and eventually, leaks, leaving you with a much bigger problem than a clogged drain!

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